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    All the taste, none of the waste

Giving you and your family the perfect drinking water

With a BWT Water Filter Jug, a BWT water dispenser or directly from the BWT tap.

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Do yourself and the Environment a favour by creating your own


Crisp, clean taste

Water that tastes great isn’t only available in single-use bottles. Even if your tap water tastes fine, you may improve it by adding essential minerals.

Never run out

Spending money on bulky single-use bottles is unnecessary. Perfect Drinking Water is ready for you and your entire family to enjoy whenever you want it.

Options for every budget

BWT offers a variety of products that give great-tasting perfect drinking water, are easy to install, and come in a variety of pricing ranges to suit any budget.

Bottle Free

BWT is dedicated to not only ending the use of single-use plastic bottles, but also treating and improving the water in your home.



  • save planet blue with BWT perfect water

    From Plastic Planet to Planet Blue!

    If we can eliminate single-use plastic bottles, we can reduce plastic waste, cut transport distances and minimise our CO2 footprint. BWT’s innovative water technology ensures that top-quality pleasant-tasting BWT perfect drinking water flows directly from the tap, water dispenser or table water filter jug.

  • BWT perfect water Change the World Sip by SipBWT perfect water Change the World Sip by Sip

    Changing the World, Sip by Sip

    An added bonus is that, not only do you benefit from water in Bottle Free Zones, but with every order placed, money flows to Africa in the form of a donation to help provide local people with access to clean drinking water. So, Bottle Free Zones do not just represent the best quality water – they change the world, sip by sip.

Looking for Luxury Water?

Each model in the Luxury Water Softeners PERLA Silk Range is designed to fit into today’s hectic lifestyles by consuming extremely little water and salt. BWT water is silky smooth and luxurious, making it ideal for the whole family. Because it is tough on scale and scum, it cuts down on kitchen and bathroom cleaning time, giving you and your family more spare time.