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Luxury Water

Add a touch of luxury to the start of your day with silky-soft BWT Luxury Water

Over 60% of the UK live with differing degrees of hard water due to minerals such as Calcium. BWT Luxury Water Softener solutions remove these minerals from your hard water, resulting in silky-soft water around your home.

Luxury water has many benefits

Protecting Your Household Appliances

A softener will help protect your household appliances and heating system from the effects of limescale. Limescale build-up can reduce the efficiency of your appliances and cause sudden or premature breakdowns. As a result, more money is spent on repairing these systems. In fact, limescale deposits can also have an insulating effect on your heating system, causing energy bills to rise as the years progress. Luxury softened water, on the other hand, helps in preventing limescale deposits within these systems that helps in maintaining their performance and efficiency.

Eco-friendly and Good for the planet

When compared to hard water, softened water requires almost up to 50% less cleaning products and shampoos compared to hard water. Overuse of chemicals eventually pollutes the water system and impacts the environment. With softened water, you are helping the planet by reducing the use of chemicals. Also, softened water like soft water in nature is soft and gentle, so you most likely won’t need any additional conditioners for your laundr

Helps You Save Money

Softened water helps you save money over time.

Softened water encourages soaps and detergents to foam and lather more easily, shampoo to work more efficiently all whilst using up to 50% less of each one.

Household appliances work efficiently with softened water and have fewer breakdowns due to limescale build-up.

With no scale your appliances continue to work efficiently longer, so you can save money on your energy bills.Good For Your Skin and Hair

When hard water is used on the skin and hair, it leaves traces of minerals that combine with soaps to clog pores reducing your natural oils. This causes your skin to feel dry and at times even itchy. Luxury softened water is an excellent addition to your daily skincare and haircare routine. Because of the lower mineral content, it has a gentle effect on your skin and hair making them feel softer and shinier.

Gentle on Your Laundry

Softened water acts as a natural conditioner for your clothes, making them softer and fluffier. Because with softened water, detergents lather up and wash away easily leaving no scum or soap residue build-up on the fabrics. The gentle effect of softened water makes your clothes softer and fluffier, and also helps in keeping their colours vibrant for longer

Limescale protection: Kitchen and bathrooms can be cleaned quickly with less chemicals or scrubbing needed. Money can be saved that would have been used for energy and repair bills on limescale corroded appliances.

Silky-soft water: Skin is left softer, smoother and feeling more replenished, whilst hair takes on a new shine. Softened water also helps protect your kitchen and bathroom, as well as appliances from limescale.

Home installation: The luxury of softened water in your own home. Protection against limescale in both visible areas of your home and invisible areas, such as pipes.

What’s so bad about hard water?

The effects of hard water can be seen all around your home: from limescale deposits, to a reduction in your appliances and central heating system’s efficiency and life expectancy. Just 6mm of limescale can reduce the efficiency of a typical heating system by up to 38%. Limescale can also reduce the life of appliances like your washing machine, dishwasher and iron. The effects of hard water can also increase the amount you spend on soap, shampoo and detergents by up to 50%.

Hard water also makes cleaning around the home more difficult. It deposits limescale and combines with soap to produce hard to remove scum that clings to surface areas around your kitchens and bathrooms; reducing the value of your home. Compared to softer water, hard water requires more use of soap, detergent and shampoo. As well as extra costs, this can even affect the way you look and feel; with clothes being more difficult to rinse, hair appearing dull and skin feeling dry.

BWT Luxury Water Softener solution

With less wasted energy and cleaning products required, fewer chemicals are destined for the drain, and with less bottles consigned to landfill, luxury water can also be a positive step in not only protecting your home, but the environment too.

How Luxury Water Softener Work

luxury water softeners work by passing the incoming water supply through the resin bed, also known as ion exchange resin. They run on the ion exchange principle, with water being passed through the system to remove all excess minerals and impurities. Limescale is formed when there are too many calcium and magnesium ions in the water. As a result, when water passes through the water softener, the calcium and magnesium cling to the resin beads and are replaced by sodium ions. The resin bed can only capture a certain amount of minerals, and when this limit is reached, the system is regenerated by flushing it with a brine solution. This helps in the removal of calcium deposits and replenishes the resin with sodium ions. Therefore, with water softeners you can easily turn your hard water into softened water

How a BWT water softener works