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Under Sink Water Filters

Our fine range of under sink water filters designed for you and your home. These filters are integrated with our patented Magnesium technology giving users the best water experience right from the comfort of their own home. These kits are designed to filter your tap water from unwanted elements such as heavy metals, high amounts of minerals or any other substances that can spoil the taste of your water.

Perfect addition to your kitchen delivering Magnesium Mineralized Water from your kitchen sink tap, improving the taste of your drinks, meals, as well as good for your kitchen appliances. Magnesium is a vital mineral and a very good flavour carrier that enhances the flavour and aroma of your drinks. With BWT’s innovative technology, you can now upgrade your normal tap water to great tasting water that also offers you protection from limescale.

Not only it is good for you and your home, but is also good for the planet. An ideal way to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles from your kitchen – cutting down your plastic waste and supporting the health of the planet.

What are the benefits of under-sink water filters?

  1. Improves the taste of your water – perfect for your coffee and tea
  2. Helps in protecting your kitchen appliances from limescale deposits
  3. Economically good for you as it saves you time and money in the long run
  4. Every sip of Magnesium Mineralized Water helps with your daily Magnesium intake
  5. Sustainable water filters that help in reducing the consumption of water from single-use plastic bottles

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