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AQA drink Pure LOFT

AQA drink Pure LOFT

Under the sink drinking water filtration system

An ideal under the sink drinking water filtration system for your home that filters your tap water and enriches it with magnesium. The advanced filtration system and stylish 3 in 1 GROHE kitchen tap make this the perfect drinking water solution for those people who want the best quality drinking water and a stylish and practical center piece for their Kitchen.

The kit contains 4 main components:

  • High-quality 3 in 1 kitchen sink tap from GROHE with popular L shaped spout and pull out spout
  • BWT AQA drink filter cartridge MP200, a perfect under-sink water filter for magnesium enrichment and reliable lime scale protection
  • BWT AQA Monitor, for monitoring remaining filter capacity
  • BWT Filter head, with an integrated automatic bypass


Note: The AQA drink Pure LOFT is compatible with the BWT full range of advanced AQA drink water filter cartridges.


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  • An Ideal Water Solution for Enjoying Mineralised Water at Home


    BWT AQA Dink Pure Loft is designed to offer delicious, filtered water enriched with Magnesium, without those unwanted elements that can affect the taste. The stylish GROHE tap is easy on the eye and practical with its flexible pull out spout. The advanced filtration system is housed within the compact water filter cartridge. This effectively removes the substances like chlorine that can impair the flavor of your water and protects appliance and kettles from Limescale. Two levers on the tap allow you to choose your preferred water: unfiltered tap water on the right, and filtered tap water on the left enriched with magnesium. The AQA Monitor, that is included in the kit, conveniently monitors the remaining capacity of the water filter cartridge.

  • How does AQA drink Pure Loft work?

    How does the AQA drink Pure Loft kit work?

    The System is simple to install and can normally be sited in the cupboard under your kitchen sink. Using the fittings provided you simply divert part of your cold water supply through the advanced water filter cartridge where the substances that can affect the taste and odor of your water are removed. The filtered water is then remineralised with magnesium to polish its flavor carrying properties. Your existing hot and cold water supply is then connected to the mixer side of the tap.

  • AQA drink Pure Loft Filter Cartridge

    The filter brings you more magnesium and more taste!

    The AQA drink water filter cartridge is equipped with BWT’s innovative magnesium technology. It transforms your tap water into Magnesium Mineralized Water through five-step filtration. Did you know that magnesium is essential for our body? Magnesium can help contribute to your physical wellbeing by helping to prevent muscle cramps and can also help your mental wellbeing by reducing the feeling of fatigue and headaches. In addition to its benefits for the body and its good taste, magnesium also allows the aromas of food and drinks to intensify.

    Note: The AQA drink Pure LOFT is compatible with the BWT full range of advanced AQA drink water filter cartridges.

  • AQA Monitor for indicating the water filter change

    AQA Monitor- A convenient water filter cartridge change indicator

    BWT’s AQA MONITOR meter is a programmable control unit that monitors the capacity of the water filter cartridge and tells you by an audible signal when it is necessary to replace the cartridge. This meter with a flow sensor is installed close to the filter cartridge under the sink. The remaining capacity of the water filter cartridge can be read on the meter and an acoustic signal is emitted when the filter needs to be changed.

    • No sound signal: the capacity of the filter is sufficient
    • I Bleep: the filter cartridge is nearly empty
    • 2 Bleeps in quick succession: the filter is exhausted and needs to be replaced
  • GROHE Pull out Kitchen Tap with three choices for water

    Pull out Kitchen Tap with four choices for water

    The design style of the Grohe pull out Kitchen Tap makes it a not only practical but a talking point as well. Beautifully made from the highest quality materials and fashioned using advanced technology the 3 in 1 tap from GROHE sits perfectly in both traditional and modern kitchens a like. Utilizing separate water channels the tap allows you to choose to drink Magnesium Mineralized Water or use unfiltered tap water, for washing up and other household chores. Whilst the pull out spout is perfect for rinsing dishes

    • Left lever: Filtered water enriched with magnesium
    • Right lever: Unfiltered tap water hot/cold/mixed


    Please note that this GROHE tap has a minimum flow pressure requirement of 1 bar and a maximum operating pression of 8 bar. We recommend 2 – 5 bar

  • BWT Installation Service

    Our Installation Service

    While the system is easy to install, we are happy to help you if needed. BWT installation service is available in many areas, please call our customer service team on 01494 838100 during office hours (8:30am to 5pm) or email us at any time for details.

    Installation Conditions: To easily install our AQA drink Pure Loft under-sink water filter system, certain conditions must be met:

    • The cold or hot water connections must be able to be easily isolated, and accessible
    • Compatible for use with pressure storage water heater, thermally or hydraulically controlled water heater*
    • Not compatible with pressure-free storage water heater
    • Space needed for the kitchen sink tap: h x d: 328 x 223 mm, swivel range: 90°
    • Space needed for the under-sink water filter system:

    Height: 385 mm, diameter: 88 mm

  • Magnesium Mineralized Water for your Home

    Ecofriendly Water Solution

    A perfect way to enjoy mineralized water directly from your kitchen tap. Our AQA drink Pure system cartridge filters your water and then adds magnesium.  This improves the flavor carrying properties of the water as well as supplementing your daily intake of this essential mineral.  Choosing AQA drink Pure LOFT is also a great way to reduce your consumption of single use plastic water bottles and help protect planet blue.

  • Tap water vs single-use plastic bottles

    Protect your Planet Blue

    The AQA drink Pure Urban Drinking Water Kit using the MP200 water filter cartridge will deliver up to 600 litres* of fresh filtered magnesium mineralized water between filter cartridge changes. That’s possibly 1200 (500ml) plastic bottles that don’t need to be recycled or worse destined for landfill.

    Single-use bottled water often travels long distances before reaching you. There is a much better solution: water from your local tap. BWT can treat this water in your home or on site and thus reduces unnecessary transport. The result: less CO2 emissions, which is good for the climate. With BWT Magnesium enriched water, you also reduce the consumption of disposable single use bottles that end up in the ocean. Nature says thank you!

    You can change the world, sip by sip.

Benefits of AQA drink Pure URBAN

Magnesium Mineralized Water

Top up your daily dose of Magnesium every time you take a sip of water, Magnesium is also flavor carrier that perfectly highlights the delicate flavors of your culinary delights and the aromas of your tea & coffee.

Environmentally Friendly

The perfect alternative to shop bought bottled water, you can now choose to enjoy magnesium mineralized water straight from the tap.

Limescale Protection 

The BWT AQA drink Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect MP200 filter cartridge reduces odors and taste-disturbing substances such as chlorine and heavy metals such as copper, lead and nickel. The filter reliably removes the minerals that cause Limescale and thus protects your appliances from damage by hard scale deposits.