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Vida 2.6L Petrol

Vida 2.6L Petrol

A no nonsense water filter jug that brightens your life

The BWT Water Filter Jug Vida 2.6 l impresses with its simple and straightforward design. The lid features an electronic indicator, which acts as a reminder for the next due filter cartridge change. The table water filter is also equipped with a practical filling flap and the ergonomic handle ensures easy and safe handling.

  • 2.6 litres volume
  • 120L per cartridge
  • LC-Display
  • Available in 4 funky colours!



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  • Best Water Technology Filter Jug 2,6l BWT Vida in petrol colour with Magnesium Mineralized Water Cartridge

    Easy Control

    Easy Control

    With the innovative digital filter-change indicator the LC-display automatically determines exactly when to change the filter. Precise measurement: measures period of use and automatically indicates when the filter must to be changed

    Easy Fit

    Fit all the lastest frigde doors styles

    Easy Fill

    No splashes; no need to remove the lid

  • Water filter jug VIDA with BWT glass

    Magnesium Mineralized Water

    Significant improvement of taste

    Reduces taste and aroma impairing substances such as chlorine

    Reduces the limescale content

    The limescale content of the water is reduced. Heavy metals and particles are filtered

    Enriched with Magnesium

    Mineralises tap water with the essential mineral magnesium. The filtered water ensures a smooth gourmet taste and it the perfect choice for preparing tea, coffee and smoothies.

  • Colour explosion with Vida water table filter jug in petrol

    Brilliant colours

    Fresh and vibrant colours