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  • How does the AQA Drink Pure Urban kit work?


    The essential filter technology used in the AQA Drink Pure urban under sink drinking water system is conveniently located within the AQA filter cartridge itself. The AQA drink filter cartridge transforms ordinary tap water into extraordinary magnesium-enriched water and is very easy to install using the components supplied. The AQA monitor and flow meter are  also usually installed under the sink and allows you to keep a check on your remaining  filter capacity.

  • BWT AQA drink filter cartrdiges

    The filter that brings you more magnesium and taste

    The AQA drink Magnesium Mineralized Water filter cartridge incorporates BWT’s five stage filtration and patented magnesium technology to filter and then enrich the water with the magnesium, to help you achieve the best all-​round sensory experience from your hot and cold drinks. The water filter cartridge also reliably removes the elements that cause limescale to protect appliances like coffee makers and kettles and is ideal for your new under-sink water filter system as well as a wide range of  water dispensers.

    Did you know that magnesium is essential for our body? On a daily basis, it can help reduce muscle cramps , reduce fatigue and headaches.  The NHS recommendation for  the amount of magnesium you need is: 300mg a day for men (19 to 64 years) and 270mg a day for women (19 to 64 years). In addition to its benefits for the body, magnesium can also enhance the taste and aroma of your coffee or tea.

    Note: The AQA drink Pure URBAN is compatible with the BWT full range of advanced AQA drink water filter cartridges.

  • AQA Monitor for indicating the water filter change

    The water filter change indicator

    BWT’s AQA MONITOR meter is a programmable control unit that monitors the capacity of the water filter cartridge and tells you by an audible signal when it is necessary to replace the cartridge. This meter with a flow sensor is usually installed near the water filter cartridge in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. The remaining capacity of the filter can be read on the meter and an acoustic signal is emitted once the filter cartridge needs to be changed.

    • No sound signal: the capacity of the filter cartridge is sufficient
    • Single bleep: the filtration capacity is soon exhausted
    • 2 Bleeps in close succession: the filter cartridge is exhausted and needs to be replaced
  • GROHE U shaped Kitchen Tap

    3 in1 C shaped Kitchen Mixer Tap with three choices for water

    The modern design of the Grohe kitchen mixer tap makes a statement in any  kitchen. Made with the best materials and latest technology, it provides you 3 water options:

    • Fresh Filtered  Magnesium Mineralized drinking Water
    • Cold unfiltered water
    • Hot unfiltered water
    • Mixed hot and cold unfiltered water
    • All from one tap with two easy to operate levers
    • Left lever: Filtered water enriched with magnesium
    • Right lever: Unfiltered hot/cold tap water


  • Magnesium Mineralized Water for your Home

    Enjoy Magnesium Mineralized Water Directly from your Kitchen Tap

    A perfect way to enjoy mineralized water directly from your kitchen tap. Our AQA drink Pure system cartridge filters your water and then adds magnesium.  This improves the flavor carrying properties of the water as well as supplementing your daily intake of this essential mineral.  Choosing AQA drink Pure URBAN is also a great way to reduce your consumption of single use plastic water bottles and help protect planet blue.

  • Tap water vs single-use plastic bottles

    Protect your Planet Blue

    The AQA drink Pure Urban Drinking Water Kit using the MP200 water filter cartridge will deliver up to 600 litres* of fresh filtered magnesium mineralized water between filter cartridge changes. That’s possibly 1200 (500ml) plastic bottles that don’t need to be recycled or worse destined for landfill.

    Single-use bottled water often travels long distances before reaching you. There is a much better solution: water from your local tap. BWT can treats this water in your home or on site and thus reduces unnecessary transport. The result: less CO2 emissions, which is good for the climate. With BWT Magnesium enriched water, you also reduce the consumption of disposable single use bottles that end up in the ocean. Nature says thank you!

    You can change the world, sip by sip.

Benefits of AQA drink Pure URBAN

Magnesium Mineralized Water

A perfect supplement as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle. Magnesium is also a flavor carrier that perfectly enhances the aromas of coffee, tea and food.

Environmentally Friendly

An ecological alternative to single use plastic bottles, which can be harmful to humans and our Planet Blue. Our convenient under sink filter systems are a perfect way to enjoy premium drinking water at home without the need for single use plastic bottles.


Limescale Protection 

The BWT AQA drink water filter cartridge reduces odors and taste-disturbing substances such as chlorine and heavy metals like copper, lead and nickel. The water filter reliably removes Limescale and thus protects your appliances like kettles and coffee makers .

  • BWT water filter jug vida glass manual counter

    Benefits of BWT filtration

    Reliable limescale protection for household appliances like coffee machines and kettles: reduces the minerals in the water that cause limescale

    Reduces Taste and odour impairing substances such as chlorine and organic impurities (where they exist)

    Reduces particles > 200 μm (particles such as sand) and heavy metals (lead and copper) where they exist

  • BWT magnesium mineralized water 3x refills plus reusable water filter cartridge 814544-A

    Extra benefits of Magnesium

    Magnesium is a flavour carrier. Perfect for tea, coffee, and the daily drinking pleasure

    The clever way to support your daily magnesium requirement:

    Quite simply by
    just drinking water!

    More power and taste for an active and vital lifestyle.

    2.5 litres* of water per day is a simple and effective way for you to enjoy up to 20% of your daily magnesium requirement (* at an average water hardness of between 267 – 320ppm)

How to use your BWT Reusable Water Filter Cartridge & Refill

Please follow the link below to view a short video on how to refill and prime your BWT replacement Water Filter Cartridge*.
*Similar cartridges are not refillable



To ensure perfect water quality, you should change the contents of your refillable table water filter cartridge about every four weeks – or after around 120 litres of filtered water has been prepared.

  • Change The World Sip By Sip

    Change the World Sip by Sip

    You can make a positive contribution to the world! By using and reusing the BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water Reusable Water Filter Cartridge & 3X Refills, you are using a smart alternative to single use plastic bottles, avoiding the inconvenience of buying and transporting bottled water from the store to your home and in some case halfway around the world.

  • Eco friendly water solution

    BWT Bottle Free Zone

    BWT’s declared goal is to provide water of perfect drinking water quality everywhere in the world. With innovative, patented BWT technologies, it is possible to filter local water and at the same time enrich it with valuable minerals and trace elements such as magnesium. BWT’s Magnesium Mineralized Water Reusable Water Filter Cartridge & 3X Refills is a perfect example of this technology in action. With regular use you can easily say NO to shop bought bottles of water saving you the time of collecting it, the trouble of storing it, and the hassle of disposing of the empty single use water bottles. With less demand at the supermarket the need to ship water long distances is reduced and thus helping to reduce transport, CO2 emissions and plastic waste.

    Create your own #BottleFreeZone

More Taste
More Vitality
Less Plastic