Salt Free Scale Reduction

Salt Free water conditioners offer limescale and corrosion protection for your drinking water installation, whilst maintaining the vital minerals in the water. This is a creditable alternative to water softening, where the primary aim is to prevent limescale and the problems often associated with it. Unlike a water softener that removes the minerals that cause hard water, conditioners generally inhibit the formation of limescale by changing the physical properties of the water and the minerals within it. Salt Free water conditioners generally require little or no maintenance and are ideal for protecting hot water installations and appliances like boilers, showers and washing machines.

They do not soften water or offer the other benefits associated with a water softener, like softer skin and shiny hair, protection for clothes or money saving expenses derived from needing to use less shampoo and conditioners. They do however, offer the benefit of not needing salt, and a less slippery environment – perfect residents that are less mobile and may need be help with bathing.

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