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High Purity Water

The High Purity Water

is a general term used for water that has been purified to a very high standard. That standard will vary depending on what the water will be used for. BWT carefully help you to select the right products and technology for your needs. Whether for drinking water at home or water for your autoclave at work. BWT’s component-based systems enable us to tailor a solution not just to the standard of water you require but also the volume you need daily as well. We also supply high purity water systems for heating systems to protect your central heating without chemicals.

Why Chose An RO

A BWT RO is highly effective at removing unwanted elements from your water that may include minerals or chemicals that can affect the taste and smell of the your water including sodium, fluoride and chloride, plus many more. Reverse Osmosis has proven itself invaluable on projects of virtually every size from the preparation of water for industry to treating the drinking water in many of our homes. The RO process is energy efficient and, in many cases, requires no external power supply (except where the water pressure is very low) this is in contrast to other processes that requires heat. Using a sealed system and storage reservoir, BWT RO’s are versatile and able to provide clean water on demand. Tap water whilst delivered to our homes in the UK is safe to drink, it is not always the perfect water for applications like horticultural, fish keeping, rinsing the car or protecting appliances from mineral deposits. BWT RO’s are ideal for creating a base water from which you can produce the perfect water for your hobby or other water need.

Ultra Filtration

BWT Ultra filtration filters are compact, easy to install and highly effective at removing unwanted elements from your water. They require no electricity and can be installed practically anywhere. The specialist head allows the filter to be installed vertically and horizontally where space dictates. The head also includes an automatic shut of valve for easy filter cartridge changes without the need to isolate the filter itself. The level of filtration is extremely high and are suitable for removing pathogenic (disease-causing) microorganisms and bacteria keeping you your staff and patients safe. The filtered water contains no limescale and so is ideal for protecting dental units and tools from damaging limescale deposits. In many cases this can help prevent premature failure and extend the lifespan of dental units.