Drinking water systems

A refreshing drink of water is hard to beat, whether with a meal, after sport, or a tiring day at work. Mains tap water in the UK is okay, but millions of us every day still reach for a bottled equivalent, whether for the taste or convenience. Now you can enjoy a similar experience at home, straight from the tap in your kitchen. BWT’s range of drinking water systems allows you to optimize your own tap water to suit your own tastes. From simple filtration to groundbreaking remineralization, BWT lets you enjoy the highest water quality at home and on the move.

A BWT under sink filter system can help ensure that your local tap water becomes the best BWT Water – free of unwanted elements that may creep into your water to spoil the taste, like chlorine. Choose your level of optimization from our wide range of water treatment products. From those that simply remove the elements that can cause bad tastes and odours, to those that deliver high purity and remineralized water – perfect for replacing bottled water in your daily diet.

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