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  • New BWT Corades

    BWT Corades sanitising gel not only remove 99.99% germs and bacteria, it also protects and cares for your skin

    New BWT Corades

  • Enjoy Great Tasting Water!

    Your extraordinary taste experience with BWT Water Filter Jugs & Individialised Cartridges

    BWT Products

  • Drinking water whenever you need it

    Modern Water Dispensers for homes, schools, gyms or offices

    BWT Products

  • Protect & Enrich your Water with Magnesium

    Under Sink Water Filters for your everyday kitchen needs

    BWT Products

  • Perfect for you and your family!

    The WS Range brings a touch of Luxury into your lives

    BWT Products

  • Complimenting today’s busy lifestyles!

    Go Smarter, Softer, Smoother and Silkier with the BWT Perla!

    BWT Products

  • BWT Sanitising Gel Corades

    New BWT Corades

    BWT’s first hand sanitiser gel with outstanding cosmetic care results !

    The New BWT Corades sanitising gel not only remove germs and bacteria, it also protects and cares for the skin with panthenol provitamin B5. BWT Corades is 99.99 percent effective against pathogens – including influenza and corona viruses. The pleasant fragrance is reminiscent of a fresh sea breeze and makes the use of “BWT Corades” a refreshing pleasure even with frequent use.

  • BWT Water Filter Jugs & Cartridges

    Water Filter Jugs & Cartridges

    A unique and clever tasting experience! !

    Great tasting filtered water available directly from the comfort of your home. With BWT, filtered water has never looked so good! The Water Filter Jugs are available in a range of vibrant colours and sizes, perfect for adding that extra spark to your kitchen! Developed with you in mind, each jug has a smart design so you can fit them easily into your fridge door completely hassle free. From patented Magnesium technology to our extensive range of Individualised Cartridges, the whole family can enjoy BWT’s BPA free water filter jugs! Transform your ordinary tap water into something exquisitely extraordinary.

  • Water dispensers for Business & Home

    Drinking Water for Business & Home

    A modern twist on water dispensers!

    BWT’s Water Coolers come in a range of designs and styles from bottled and plumbed in to boilers and fountains, which makes them an ideal choice for businesses and homes. BWT coolers use up less space, can be operated at the touch of button and are practical for your needs. To satisfy your needs, there are a choice of water options including sparkling, cold, hot or ambient, ensuring you have access to great tasting water quickly and efficiently. The power saving mode and push button temperature selection helps reduce an unnecessary waste of energy. For complete peace of mind, BWT also offer installation, sanitisation and nationwide delivery services. Give your office/home space a breath of fresh air with BWT’s modern, attractive and versatile watercoolers.

  • Drinking Under the Sink Water Systems

    Under the Sink Drinking Water Systems

    Bring a touch of quality into your life! 

    BWT’s Under the Sink Water Filter Systems introduce unforgettable and refreshing drinking water into your life. Specifically designed and developed with you in mind, the filter systems offer premium-filtered water for your everyday drinking water needs. Highly efficient in protecting against limescale, BWT’s Water Filter Cartridges also enrich your water with the essential mineral, Magnesium. At BWT, quality never goes out of style, indulge in an under the sink drinking system for perfect taste and stylised design!

  • Luxury Water Softeners WS bwtshop

    Luxury Water WS Range

    The comfort of coming home!

    BWT’s Luxury Water WS Range helps to protect against limescale and helps to prolong the life of your household appliances whilst giving you the luxury of saving time and spending less. Softened water brings a touch of luxury into your home.The BWT WS ranges from 6 different 10-25l sizes, ensuring there’s a softener that’s ideal for you! Softened water not only benefits your home but is also excellent for you and your family with skin and hair feeling softer, smoother and more replenished. For unrivalled style, performance and efficiency choose from the Luxury Water WS Range.

  • Perla Silk Range Luxury Water Softeners

    Introducing the Perla Silk

    For you, your family and your home!

    The BWT Luxury Water Perla Silk has been specifically designed for modern living by complimenting today’s busy lifestyles and by delivering an abundance of softened water efficiently to your homes. Simple and easy to operate, the Perla Silk has a display that allows you to set the time, water hardness and regeneration time, ensuring no water and salt is wasted! With BWT’s smart technology, you can easily operate your Perla Silk through the BWT Best Water Home app. The Perla Silk is also available with Wi-Fi so it can be operated digitally through your smart appliances. Luxury water made available in the most convenient and advanced way!
    Modern technology for your modern homes means you can now enjoy, protect and save more effectively with BWT’s Luxury Water Perla Silk. Start your Perla water journey today!

We are open!

Despite these challenging times we are pleased to say that BWT are here to help you whatever your water needs. Many of our teams continue to work remotely from home in line with the latest recommendations from the NHS. If you need to get in touch, please give us a call on: 01494838100 or alternatively, send a message to: [email protected]