Water Softeners

BWT water softeners are designed and manufactured to remove the hardness minerals from hard water using a process called ion exchange. This proven technology allows BWT to change hard water into luxury softened water for use around the home. BWT water softeners are available in a variety of sizes to suit households of any size. Designed and developed for UK homes, BWT Luxury water softeners are compatible with all common hot water systems and pipe sizes from 15 to 22mm.

They can be easily installed in most homes and take up very little space; the two smaller sizes, 10 and 15 litre models, can usually be installed in a kitchen cupboard near the rising main. As they are electronically controlled, they are easy to set up and live with. Smart predictive regeneration ensures you always have copious amounts of Luxury Water when you need it most. Supplied with comprehensive market leading warranties, you can enjoy peace of mind from day one!

BWT domestic water softeners also benefit from the option of free commissioning. This involves a free visit by one of our engineers, who will set up your new water softener to suit your lifestyle and your local water.

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