Water Dispensers

Enjoying great tasting water at home has never been easier. Say goodbye to carrying home heavy packs of bottled water and instead embrace one of BWT’s modern, attractive and versatile water dispensers. A modern water dispenser from BWT needs less space than you might imagine. In fact, most have a  footprint smaller than a sheet of A3 paper. Bottled water versions need only a 13 amp plug socket and no plumbing!

Water dispensers are easy to use and are a practical way to enjoy Magnesium Mineralized Water at home or in the office. Filter based models require plumbing into a suitable potable water supply. All installations should take into account WHA (Water Dispenser and Hydration Association) guidelines and any local water regulations. There are Water Cooler models to suit most needs, from those providing simply chilled water, to options including sparkling, cold, hot or ambient. For complete peace of mind, BWT also offer rental, installation, sanitization and delivery services*.

Drinking Water dispensers can:

  • Be supplied as either bottle fed or plumbed in units.
  • Can be placed in practically any home or office.
  • Filter out unwanted elements & reduces the taste and smell of chlorine.
  • Protects appliances from limescale.
  • A responsible alternative to single use plastic bottles:

*Delivery is subject geographical location and minimum quantities.

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