Whole House Filters

Whole house filter systems are designed for installation on your home’s or business’s incoming water supply. Whole house water filter systems are supplied without a tap and are designed to protect the whole house – not just your drinking water in the kitchen.

These systems can be fitted with a wide range of filters depending on the quality of incoming water supply. They are ideal for protecting other water treatment devices like water softeners and Ultraviolet disinfection units, as well as appliances like washing machines.

They can be installed by a competent DIYer and are normally used to filter out small unwanted particles like sand or rust, that may have entered the water supply.

More advanced models, such as the BWT E1 filter, also have additional features like:

  • An integral pressure reducing valve
  • A handy mains water shut off
  • A speedy filter change mechanism, that allows the owner to change a filter in under 30 seconds.

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