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BWT Service

BWT offers the very best in after sales service and is a primary reason our customers choose us time after time. We don’t sell boxes, we sell water treatment solutions that quickly become an integrated part of family or Business life. Knowing you can rely on us throughout and after your purchase is the peace of mind that for many of our customers seals the deal.

Commissioning Service

Many of our products are delivered already assembled and only need installing by a competent and knowledgeable person. Whilst other products will instead benefit from being installed and then be commissioned. This often involves assembling the equipment, confirming the needs of the customer and the quality of the incoming water before adjusting the operating parameters of the unit. Typically, the service is ideal for specialist products like Reverse Osmosis (RO) Ultrafiltration and water softeners. The whole process is referred to as commissioning; the service is often free for BWT luxury domestic water softeners but is chargeable for all other products.

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Regular Service and Planned Maintenance

Our engineers are employed and trained directly by us. They are highly regarded as specialists in their fields and in many cases have first-hand knowledge of the local water conditions. Trained on wide range of BWT products and carrying a comprehensive array of genuine spare parts, they are well placed to deliver a successful outcome on their first visit. Strategically located throughout the UK, we are able to minimize driving times, which is good for the environment and means they have more time to spend with you. We always take your safety seriously, so we ensure our qualified service team drive fully branded vehicles and carry personal identification for your peace of mind.

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Service Plans and Extended Warranty

All BWT products carry a minimum of a 12-month warranty, unless specifically stated. While many of our domestic water softeners benefit from industry leading warranties, that means you never have to return a product to us should you have an issue and instead, we come to you. The WS and Perla Silk range of water softeners feature a 5 year parts and 2 year at home labour warranty as standard. For complete peace of mind, these can often be extended to cover the lifetime of your BWT water Softener for just a relatively small amount of money a day. Please see the literature supplied with your unit for details.

Like all appliances, your new BWT water softener will also benefit from a service now and then. We typically recommend every two years in normal domestic service, but more frequent intervals may be necessary if the water softener is in a very busy environment or the water is extremely hard. You can even spread the cost of your planned service visits with one of our extensive service plans. Our Commissioning engineer or our customer service team will be happy to advise.

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Break Down Service

Our team of specialist service engineers are also available in the event your BWT water softener should stop working.

Simply call us on 01494 838100 option 2 during working hours or email at [email protected] any time to arrange a visit and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

If you spot a leak at anytime, please switch off your water supply. If the leak is from the water, then please bypass the softener following the instructions in your manual or for more information
click here.