Magnesium Mineralized Water Reusable Water Filter Cartridge & 3X Refills


  • 1 x reusable cartridge body (filled)
  • 3 x Refill bags of filter media


BWT presents its unique water filter cartridge which allows you to reuse it by simply replacing the filter media inside it. This means less plastic waste per litre of filtered water than other similar water filter cartridges!
With our Refill system, you can reuse your Magnesium Mineralized Water cartridge up to four times by simply refilling it with our unique carbon granulate and Magnesium filter media. This will not only save you money, but also helps you to reduce your plastic waste.

Change The World Sip By SipUse local water  Avoid single-use plastic bottles

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Benefits of BWT filtration

Reliable limescale protection for household appliances like coffee machines and kettles: reduces the minerals in the water that cause limescale

Reduces Taste and odour impairing substances such as chlorine and organic impurities (where they exist)

Reduces particles > 200 μm (particles such as sand) and heavy metals (lead and copper) where they exist

BWT magnesium mineralized water 3x refills plus reusable water filter cartridge 814544-A

Extra benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is a flavour carrier. Perfect for tea, coffee, and the daily drinking pleasure

The clever way to support your daily magnesium requirement:

Quite simply by
just drinking water!

More power and taste for an active and vital lifestyle.

2.5 litres* of water per day is a simple and effective way for you to enjoy up to 20% of your daily magnesium requirement (* at an average water hardness of between 267 – 320ppm)

How to use your BWT Reusable Water Filter Cartridge & Refill

Please follow the link below to view a short video on how to refill and prime your BWT replacement Water Filter Cartridge*.
*Similar cartridges are not refillable



To ensure perfect water quality, you should change the contents of your refillable table water filter cartridge about every four weeks – or after around 120 litres of filtered water has been prepared.

Change The World Sip By Sip

Change the World Sip by Sip

You can make a positive contribution to the world! By using and reusing the BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water Reusable Water Filter Cartridge & 3X Refills, you are using a smart alternative to single use plastic bottles, avoiding the inconvenience of buying and transporting bottled water from the store to your home and in some case halfway around the world.

Eco friendly water solution

BWT Bottle Free Zone

BWT’s declared goal is to provide water of perfect drinking water quality everywhere in the world. With innovative, patented BWT technologies, it is possible to filter local water and at the same time enrich it with valuable minerals and trace elements such as magnesium. BWT’s Magnesium Mineralized Water Reusable Water Filter Cartridge & 3X Refills is a perfect example of this technology in action. With regular use you can easily say NO to shop bought bottles of water saving you the time of collecting it, the trouble of storing it, and the hassle of disposing of the empty single use water bottles. With less demand at the supermarket the need to ship water long distances is reduced and thus helping to reduce transport, CO2 emissions and plastic waste.

Create your own #BottleFreeZone

More Taste
More Vitality
Less Plastic


  Filter Capacity   120l @15-18ºd
  Carbonate Hardness
  Cartridge Life (In Use)   4 Weeks 
  Throughput  Time   5 Minutes 
  pH   6.3 – 7

  Basic Functions

  Particle  Filtration   200μ
  Chlorine Reduction   Yes 
  Lead Reduction   Yes 
  Copper Reduction   Yes 
  Reduction of Organic 

 Additional Freatures

  Limescale Protection   Yes 30% better Limescale   Reduction 
  Magnesium Delivery   25 -30 mg/l
  Zinc Output