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BWT Installation Service


If you would prefer not to install your own BWT Luxury Water Softener, we quite understand. Whilst most installations are straight forward, opening the box for the first time can be daunting for even the most seasoned DIYer. At BWT our professional installation team are accustomed to a wide range of installation scenarios. From the simple and straight forward to the unusual and puzzling.

Whatever our installation team find, they will happily discuss your options in a friendly and informative way without jargon. If it’s possible we can usually fit it.

To find out more and to arrange a FREE no obligation survey and personalised quote (carried out by the installer NOT a salesperson) click below.


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Our installers are not only trained in the art of Water Softener installations, but also in the in’s and out’s of how our water softeners work. Meaning you can be sure that your new water softener will not only be installed in a professional way, but left running and perfectly set up for you, your family and lifestyle. We will even leave you a complimentary bag of commissioning salt so you can start to enjoy the benefits of Luxury water straight away.

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Our installation service is available in selected areas only to ensure that that our team can travel to you safely and in a reasonable time. This helps ensure your installation can usually be completed in any one working day and with a minimum amount of fuss even if the roads are busy or we find a stubborn valve that won’t turn off.


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Whilst we have a wide range of experience when it comes to  water softener installations we never forget it’s your home. We take every care to protect your home and will work carefully throughout our visit. Our installer will talk to you about your options on the day and may even be able to suggest small tweaks to the installation that could provide you with easier access or slightly more storage space.

If you have chosen to include a drinking water system as part of your installation, they will discuss with you its location and operation.

Please feel free to ask any questions at any point in the day to help ensure the perfect water softener installation.



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Preparing for the installation

On the day of installation please ensure the area that has been earmarked for the BWT Water Softener is totally clear. It will help if the installer has direct and clear path to the work space. This reduces the risk of tripping and speeds up the whole process. If the water softener has been delivered before the day of installation positioning nearby will also be a big help.

If you are working from home please be aware that there may be times when your water needs to be turned off  and that it could be noisier than usual. If you need to make an important call please make our installer aware.


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When the installation is finished our installer will take the time to show you the installation and check you are happy with it. If you have chosen a BWT Water Softener with WI-FI they will help you connect it to your home network.

They will explain the controls, how to top up the salt and how to by-pass the water softener if it is to be left unattended for a long period of time. They will even fine tune the set up so that it’s perfect for your needs and your local water hardness.

Finally, they will leave you with a welcome pack and details of how to register your purchase.



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