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Heating Protection

The wrong water can be devastating when used in your heating system. Hard water itself is fine to drink but the dissolved minerals can play havoc with your central heating boiler, valves and pipe work. Chemicals and additives can help but pose their own problems of how to dispose of any water previously treated.  Physical water conditioners and pure water technology pioneered by BWT now offers installers and home owners alike chemical and environmentally friendly alternatives. The AQA therm Home and the HWG now allows for the circuit to be filled and topped with water that requires no additions.

The secondary circuit or your domestic hot water circuit can also be treated without chemicals. Ensuring your home, central heating boiler and any other heat exchangers like in your electric shower remain virtually limescale free. Choosing a physical water conditioner can be the perfect answer to protecting your home if you live in a hard water area and don’t have a water softener. There are models protect the whole house or single appliances like washing machines and showers. Installed correctly, a physical water conditioner can be a cost-effective way of reducing the damaging effects of limescale around the home. Many of the models in the BWT range require no or very little maintenance.

With fewer limescale deposits many appliances like your electric shower, washing machine, dishwasher and your central heating boiler not only can work more efficiently but might actually last longer too. Less limescale can also means less cleaning too. While many of our products are ideal for protecting single appliances products like the BWT AQA total and nano are perfect for protecting your whole home. Including the likes of your domestic hot water supply, a shower or an instantaneous hot water heater. While the BWT patented technology allowing your water to remain suitable for drinking.