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BWT Thero 90 Reverse Osmosis Cartridge

BWT Thero 90 Reverse Osmosis Cartridge

Enhances the freshness and quality of your tap water

The reverse Osmosis purified self-contained water cartridge should be changed at least every 12 months when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. However, it may be necessary to change it sooner if your water usage is high or the cartridge is left idle for a long period of time.

The BWT Reverse Osmosis Cartridge for the BWT Thero 90 is easy to replace, just screw in and out, and includes BWT’s unique patented technology that includes pre and post filters as well as our specialist reverse osmosis membrane in one compact eco friendly cartridge. The sealed filter cartridge dramatically reduces the risk of contamination when changing the cartridge.

Made from fully recyclable materials the used cartridge can be easily recycled where local facilities exist.



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  • Advantages of Using Thero 90 Cartridge

    • Easy Filter Change
    • Little Space Required
    • Direct replacement for original filter
    • Recyclable where facilities exist
    • Minimum risk of RO membrane contamination
    • Complete RO system in one convenient housing


  • Different levels of RO Filtration

    BWT’s Membrane Technology- Reverse Osmosis

    Thero 90 filters use a four-step filtration procedure.

    • Microfiltration (> 0.1 m), in which the membrane removes plankton, algae, turbidity, bacteria, and undissolved particles from raw water.
    • Ultrafiltration (> 0.01 m), in which the membrane traps macromolecules, viruses, and colloids from the water after microfiltration.
    • Nanofiltration (> 0.001 m), which retains all large ions and organic compounds.
    • Reverse Osmosis (> 0.0001 m) is the final stage in which all ions are retained, and purified water is released.

  • Thero 90 Filter Subscription

    Our Thero 90 Filtration Subscription

    Choose to buy your replacement reverse osmosis cartridge online from us and take advantage of our handy subscription service. It enables you to replace your used cartridge on a regular basis without needing to mark it in your diary. Choose our subscription when you check out  and we will send you your next cartridge based on the time span you have specified, so that you can continue to enjoy clean purified water from your tap without needing to place another order. When you replace your filter, you have the option of recycling locally where facilities exist or returning  the used filter to us so that we can recycle the material for you.

  • Purified water for Aquarium

    Ideal water for your Aquarium

    Aquarium enthusiasts know that the best water is osmotic, because by removing over 95% of impurities and toxic substances, it guarantees an environment suitable for the well-being of the fish. The water must then be remineralised with the appropriate salts.

  • Change the world, sip by sip

    Changing the World, Sip by Sip

    By installing a BWT RO, you use your local tap water and protect the environment. You no longer have to carry heavy single use plastic bottles of water and dispose them, because you will always have fresh water available in large quantities. Single-use bottled water often travels long distances before reaching you. BWT treats the water on site and thus reduces unnecessary transport. The result: less CO2 emissions, which is good for the climate and reduction in the consumption of disposable single use bottles that end up in the ocean.

Benefits of Thero 90 RO Cartridge

Intelligent and Compact

Environmentally Friendly


Limescale Protection