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Save money with Luxury Water

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The concept of spending money to save money is not new and there are plenty of products out there that claim to do just that. From cars that use less fuel, to washing machines that use less energy and chemicals that protect your home. Yet there is one simple addition to your home that has been proven time and time again to help save you money if you live in a hard water area and that is an ion exchange water softener.

Most people, if they know about water softeners at all, will know about how the water feels and how it leaves skin feeling soft and hair looking shiny. Why? Probably because they have experienced the effects of softened or soft water whilst on holiday, staying at a hotel, or visiting a spa. Yet most of these establishments have chosen to soften their water for a much more practical reason, to save money.

When you choose a water softener for your home you can also enjoy the same kind of savings plus several more that are likely to be more personal.

Check out our top 10 money savings tips a water softener can bring to you your home and family.



Appliances last longer. 

White goods like washing machines tent to last longer when used with softened water. Limescale as a direct result of the hardness minerals in the water builds up on the heating elements. This reduces the element’s efficiency, so the machine has to work harder to heat the water. Limescale deposits can also break way and damage seals and valves, all of which may lead to premature failure or costly repairs.

2. Save on energy.

Save on gas bills when you choose a water softener by ensuring that your combination boiler is working as efficiently as possible. Softened water helps ensure the heat exchanger stays scale free. Blocked or partially blocked water ways and pipes can reduce the heating surface and flow of hot water to your tap, making the boiler work harder to deliver the same amounts of hot water. Working for longer and harder can all contribute to higher running costs.

50% less shampoo. 

Switching to Luxury water brings personal savings of up to 50% on products like shampoo, soaps, and bubble bath. All of which lather more easily in softened water to create a wealth of silky soft luxurious bubbles perfect for playtime and that much deserved soak at the end of a busy day.

Spend less on specialist cleaners.

Products like limescale removers are notoriously expensive but for many of us are vital in the battle against scale. Switching to softened water ensures your kitchen and bathroom remain scale free without the need for harsh cleaners and water additives. A shorter shopping list means more money to spend on things you want and usually deserve.

Wash day savings.

Save on washing powder and conditioners, softened water allows soap to lather and rinse out of clothes like woollens more easily meaning you can use less. Less rinsing allows you to select shorter washing programmes for a more economical and ecological wash day. You can also save on conditioner as clothes already feel softer when soap suds are washed away completely.

Protect before you renovate.

A water softener will also save you money on renovation costs, bathroom fittings and sanitary ware will stay looking good for noticeably longer, requiring less frequent updating or replacement. Shower heads and hoses also remain free flowing and need changing less often.

Love your wardrobe.

Thanks to being able to wash with less detergent and choosing shorter wash cycles, Luxury water helps you save money on your wardrobe too. With less soap residue to wash away clothes feel softer, look vibrant and last longer too. Meaning less need to replace stalwarts and more money to spend on yourself.

Small room easy saving.

With a whole house water softener you can also say to goodbye to limescale in the smallest room in the house. No more trying to dissolve and scrub away the deposits that settle in the loo. Instead simply choose a cheaper good quality disinfectant to ensure it stays fresh and ready for use.

Dishwasher magic.

Save more money by switching the salt setting on your dishwasher to off or low and simply let your water softener do the rest. There is simply nothing for the dishwashers integral softener to do as your luxury water softener will supply the whole house with softened water including your dishwasher.

High Tech – less stress.

Save on maintenance too for those sophisticated kitchen appliances like steam ovens and coffee makers. These modern devices are designed with narrow water ways which allow water to be heated and turned to steam very quickly. Softened water will keep these water ways and associated nozzles scale free minimising maintenance and possibly additional service visits.


There are of course other potential savings too, many of which are personal choices like moisturisers, and other skin care products. But our top ten highlights are the ones most of our customers talk to us about. If you already have a softener we would love to hear about your savings too. New to water softening? Then talk to us about all the benefits a Luxury water softener could bring to your home.


By Sanjeev Gangar, our Digital Marketing Assistant


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