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10 Fun Bath Time activities for kids!

Spicing up bath time is easy with luxury water, soaps, shampoo and bubble baths all lather more easily with softened water for bubbly family fun. But what do you do if you have young children that aren’t instantly fans of copious bubbles? As parents we can all relate to how tricky it can be when you have young ones that are simply not interested. After all not all kids are keen fans of bath time – one of the most common reasons is the fear of getting water in your eyes. One bad experience can have kids running in the opposite direction no matter how many bubbles there are. But bath time doesn’t have to be scary with some bath time activities for kids!

We’ve got 10 great tips for making family bath time more fun and relaxing, so your little ones will enjoy splashing around in no time! .

Bath time activities for kids



Bring in the bath time visors.

If you’re kids are scared or worried about getting water in their eyes whilst you wash their hair, help overcome their fears and build confidence with this simple and inexpensive accessory to put them at ease. The visor is also the perfect excuse to excite your kids with trying something new!

Goggles for underwater adventure.

Here’s one for the kids that prefer to play in the water rather than bathe in it. Add goggles into the mix at bath time to make this a fun, sea time adventure. As a bonus, goggles are great for when trying to wash your child’s hair and more fun and practical than a towel.

Glow in the dark fun. 

Are you having a difficult time getting your child into the bath? What about adding a new surprise – glow in the dark sticks. Dim the lights, throw in a few glow sticks and launch your very own bath time adventure. These are great for encouraging your kids to experiment with their bath time and gives them a chance to be creative! Please note, always ensure you remain near your child at bath time, especially if the lighting is dimmed.

Bubble baths.

A favourite for adults and kids alike! Treat yourself to some fun too with bath time bubbles. This is a great way to not only distract your child but also do something fun when bath times start to feel like a chore. Tip: to make it more fun, why not compete to see who has the bigger bubbles? Please remember even children’s bubble bath will work better in softened water so if you are new to the softener experience, maybe start with half the normal amount.

Bath time crayons.

Does your child love to draw? Bath time crayons are a brilliant invention for all kids that love to doodle and what makes it so perfect is that these crayons can be used in your baths and at the end of the day the work of any budding Banksy can simply be washed away, so no extra stress for the adults!

Water balloons.

Water balloons are a great way of engaging with your child and getting them in the mood for fun and games. We would avoid doing this particular bath time activity at night as your child may not want to sleep after all the excitement! Please note, for safety, always be near your child when playing with balloons.

Bath toys.

A fun, interactive way to help your child enjoy bath time. With so many toys to choose from our top tip is to avoid ones with too many small pieces not only do these try to escape down the drain but also hurt when you stand on them. From rubber ducks and race cars to baby dolls and water cannons. Once your child has their favourite toy, bath time will soon be more fun time. Tip: if you’re using race cars, maybe hold an exclusive bath time race competition or if your child loves playing with dolls, let them give their doll a bath!

Pool party.

Who says you can only have a pool party outside? Add some funky props and bring the party to the bath! Bring your pool party to life, with some beach balls, a bucket and shovel and even some fake sand for decoration. Add in those kiddies’ sunglasses, your favourite pool towel and you’re good to go.

Bath time play dough.

Play dough is the ultimate pass time for kids so if you need to distract your little ones into the bath, give this one a try. If you’re not so keen on bringing toys into the bathroom, play dough is a brilliant alternative and easy to clean up afterwards so less stress for you!

Pool noodles.

A near perfect water sensory activity for those of you that want your child to have fun and learn something new. Pool noodles are great for teaching your child about colours, numbers, movement and balance. Tip: to get even more out of pool noodles, create simple building blocks by cutting them into smaller lengths. Bring out your competitive side by seeing who can build the tallest tower with your new bricks and see who wins! We guarantee your child will not want to leave the bathroom after this.

Banish the boring and make bath time everyone’s favourite part of the day whether they are exploring coral reefs, racing cars, or drawing pictures. And when the little ones have finally gone to sleep take your turn to enjoy your own silky soft luxurious bath.


By Maria Ayala Vilches, our Digital Marketing Executive


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