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BWT Pool Robot | Makes your pool cleaning easy

During warm summer months there’s nothing more exciting than taking a dip in your own pool. If only it wasn’t for the annoying and time-consuming cleaning! But clear, hygienically pure pool water is the prerequisite for complete bathing fun. If you want to save yourself the cleaning work, you can rely on a pool robot.

A pool robot can help keep your pool clean throughout the summer

If you are using your pool regularly in the summer months and it’s not properly cared for, it can quickly lead to contamination of the water. If the pool water is already milky and cloudy, bacteria is not far away either. If this happens, it is advised that you should no longer bathe in the pool, children especially. In order to prevent this, it’s important to not only have the right choice of care and cleaning agents but also have ​​regular intensive pool cleaning, through which the pool walls and pool floor are effectively freed of impurities, dirt and bacteria.

BWT pool robot: Intensive pool maintenance for the best water quality

The work involved in cleaning a pool is not only energy and time consuming, but it can also be extremely tedious. However, the good news is that a pool cleaning robot does the job for you in the shortest possible time and thanks to its efficient way of working, it even achieves more thorough results than manual cleaning.

Modern pool robot solutions such as the D-Line pool robot from BWT tackle dirt and impurities in your pool quickly, easily and fully automatically with vibrating or rotating brushes and high-quality suction nozzles. With innovative filter solutions, they reliably catch even the smallest dirt particles. This ensures optimal sanitation and crystal clear water in all types of pools and basins, whether liner pools or tiles or ceramic or polyester pools, we have a pool robot to suit your needs!

A Good Pool Cleaning Robot

  • Ensures comprehensive cleanliness and hygiene throughout the pool
  • Does its work completely automatically
  • Can be controlled remotely using smart technology
  • Works with effective brushes that match all common pool surfaces
  • Cleans the walls and water line as well as the floor as required
  • Cleans the pool much more thoroughly than cleaning it by hand


BWT Pool Robot D-Line : The ideal pool robot for all types of swimming pools

pool robot makes cleaning easy

If you have a larger pool of up to 30m², the BWT D-Line pool robot is ideal. The robot’s suction power is based on a pump that transports the water and dirt through the filter. Due to the movement of the water, care products such as chlorine are better distributed in the water. The D-Line pool robots work with PVA brushes and an additional vibrating brush, which ensure quick, efficient cleaning. Thanks to the PVA rollers and brushes, the pool robots can find their way around any type of surface. While the BWT pool robot D100  is optimally designed for floor cleaning, the D200  and D300 models also ensure clean walls and a clear water line.

All models of the D-Line are also equipped with the intelligent control system “Smart Navigation”, which specifies the best route adapted to the pool for quick and efficient cleaning. The BWT pool robot D300 can also be conveniently controlled via the smartphone and, thanks to its flexible handling, is ideally suited for all pool shapes.

Thorough cleaning thanks to maximum filter performance

Regardless of which model of BWT pool robots you choose, they all have one thing in common: by using the innovative 4D filter, which works completely independently of your filter system, they catch dirt particles four times better than conventional filter solutions.

The patented 4D filter technology consists of a filter bag with 3D loops, with which even the tiniest dirt particles with a diameter of only two micrometers are captured. Another bonus is that thanks to the excellent filter performance, the BWT pool robots circulate 18 m 3 per hour, which protects the filter system and also saves energy.

Easy to use, best results

Modern pool robots such as the D-Line models from BWT clean your pool through a combination of effectively working suction nozzles and moving brushes that loosen impurities and thoroughly clean surfaces. They are easy to use and work independently without your active action being required. So, you can relax in the sun and enjoy the summer while the robot reliably does its job.

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