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Christmas table decorations

Nothing beats spending the holiday season with your family and friends – are you hosting Christmas dinner this year? Create a beautiful Christmas table with our easy-yet-stylish ideas. An imaginative and creative table decoration creates a joyful environment and helps ensure that everyone involved remembers this festive holiday for years to come – in this blog post we have come up with 4 different international table decor ideas to surprise and delight your friends and family.


Czech Republic – The 24th of December is referred to as “generous day” in Czech Republic. Tradition dictates that the extravagant Christmas dinner in Czech Republic is only served when the first stars appear in the sky. Potato salad and the famous Christmas carp, which is raised in hand-dug ponds and sold in big tubs on market squares just before the holiday, are served after an appetizer of mushrooms, sauerkraut, or fish soup.

BWT International Christmas table decoration ideas Czech RepublicTable setting:

Choose restrained elegance with dark crockery contrasted with dazzling candlelight and white napkins to let your cuisine make a spectacular entrance. Red berries on the ornamental branches and sparkling crystal cups add vibrant highlights.

What you require:

  • Crystal glasses and white cotton napkins
  • Block candles in white
  • Dark-coloured plates for both the appetizer and the main course
  • Festive branches with red berries for decoration


Belgium – Belgians typically spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with their family. Every year, everyone eagerly anticipates one thing in particular: delicious cuisine. The traditional three-course menu for Belgians includes a main course of Game, Roast, or Seafood. A special treat is the dessert, which is the so-called “Christmas tree trunk” also known as the chocolate log – a chocolate-covered sponge cake shaped like a tree trunk.


BWT International Christmas table decoration ideas BelgiumTable setting:

Belgian table settings remain traditional, with glistening white China, sparkling glasses, and polished, shimmering gold cutlery, to match the country’s three-course cuisine. The feast table shines under atmospheric candlelight and the soft glow of a straightforward chain of lights.

What you require:

  • White crockery
  • Block candles in white
  • A few solitary pine branches
  • A basic set of LED lights
  • Gold-coloured matte cutlery




Spain – Did you know Christmas in Spain continues through January 6? The most memorable night is Christmas Eve on December 24, but it will continue through until the night of January 6 when the Three Wise Men travel from the East and deliver gifts to all the children. The “Roscón de Reyes” is the typical festive cake in Spain, and a bit like the tradition in the UK of hiding a silver coin in the Christmas pudding, it is customary to hide either a porcelain figure of one of the Three Wise Men or baby Jesus in the cake mix. Whoever then finds it has to make the cake the following year!


BWT International Christmas table decoration ideas SpainTable setting:

Brightly polished glasses and candlesticks reflect the light and create a festive environment. Red, green, and gold colours, add a warm, happy attitude to the table. A Christmas mat, gilded cutlery, and expertly positioned fir branches serve as accents.

What you require:

  • Red and green crockery
  • A few pine branches
  • Christmas tree ornaments in red and green and bright glass balls
  • A glass candleholder




Australia – Even though it’s summertime in Australia during the holidays, Christmas is still celebrated with as much fun and enthusiasm, as we do in Europe. With the temperature hovering about 30 degrees, you can enjoy a lavish feast with the family. In addition to a sumptuous roast turkey, fish, or other seafood, everyone looks forward to the traditional plum pudding, which completes the Christmas menu.


BWT International Christmas table decoration ideas AustraliaTable setting:

With natural materials and minimalistic ornaments, you can add a light, airy touch to your Christmas table decorations. Include elements like sisal or wood in your ensemble, and use certain pastel colours to create distinct, almost summery accents.

What you require:

  • Natural-materials-based placemats
  • Simple utensils
  • Vase or carafe
  • Add a touch of darkness with dark-toned bowls

To maintain flawless, glossy dining equipment throughout the festive period, follow these steps:

When the water is really hard, setting a celebratory table with perfectly clean glasses and silverware, as well as one with soft table mats and cloths, typically requires extensive preparation and time, such as polishing the glasses.


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Don’t forget every Christmas dinner table needs water, why not include a Water Filter Jug to insure you and your family are enjoying delicious filtered mineral water. Don’t have a Filter Jug? Take a look at our BWT Water Filter Jugs and Cartridges. We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful festive break!

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