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BWT Powermag – An Effective and Potable Water Conditioner

Looking for an effective answer to satisfy your customers who want to protect their installations from limescale without the need of chemicals? Then a physical water conditioner from BWT may just be the answer!

Easily installed, a physical water conditioner, like the BWT Powermag, can offer effective protection at a competitive price and without the ongoing consumable costs associated with some other forms of water treatment.

BWT‘s range of advanced physical water conditioners consist of models to suit a wide range of applications, across a variety of markets. With various different models in the standard range, the Powermag range is WRAS approved and comes with an independent control panel for precise and accurate management. The BWT Powermag range can potentially increase service intervals, reduce service costs and prolong the life of boilers, water heaters, and central heating systems. The Powermag is often the perfect solution for customers looking for effective scale reduction without altering the portability of the treated water. This unique product is characterised by its compact size, ease of installation (can be installed on vertical or horizontal pipework) and low running costs.

Combining the effect of electro magnetism and state of the art electronics, the Powermag is able create a unique magnetic field which changes the molecular structure of the water passing through it, helping to inhibit and eliminate the formation of hard scale deposits. This chemical free operation provides an environmentally friendly and inexpensive method to control and prevent limescale.

About the Powermag

An electromagnetic physical water conditioner uses the principles of magnetism to inhibit formations of hard crystalline scale within hot and cold water services. The Powermag sets up a specific magnetic field which has an effect on the hardness salts within the water. This helps to inhibit and remove existing formations of scale, providing an environmentally friendly method of scale control without the use of chemicals Note the power consumption is related to the flux capacity of the unit chosen. The voltage supplied to the coil has been optimised to give the required gauss rating.

  • 100 % Conditioning
  • WRAS Approved
  • Stainless steel pipework
  • Nominal pressure drop
  • Low power consumption
  • Sizes available : 3/4″ – 4″


The BWT Powermag is just one part of BWT’s water technology range, which also includes water softeners, UV disinfection, reverse osmosis, chemical dosing and filtration. For more information, please call BWT UK Limited on 01494 838 100 or alternatively, send an email to: [email protected].

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