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Great Tasting Coffee

In the UK, we drink an astounding 70 million cups of coffee every day. We are clearly fans and at BWT we want you to have great tasting coffee.

It’s all about the beans.

There are three main types of coffee bean grown for commercial consumption, these are Arabica, Robusta and Liberica. Each variety has its own unique flavors and these varieties may be blended to create complex aromas. With so much work going into creating the perfect flavor, it’s only right that you should use the perfect water. Our patented Magnesium Mineralizer technology ensures your tap water can become the perfect partner for great tasting coffee.

Why BWT Magnesium Mineralizer Filter Cartridges?

Magnesium is a flavor carrier and really brings out the taste of your coffee. BWT is the only brand that adds Magnesium to your water via our unique water filter cartridges. We make it easy to for you to create high quality water for your coffee. Our cartridges contain activated carbon, which removes impurities such as chlorine. They also use ion exchange technology to remove heavy metals such as lead and copper. Chlorine, lead and copper can inhibit flavor so by removing these from the water you can have great tasting coffee. This technology also removes scale-forming substances so the filtered water is kinder to your kettle. Our filter cartridges are also recyclable.

It’s not just great tasting coffee.

Magnesium doesn’t just enhance the flavor of your coffee, it’s essential for your body to function properly. Magnesium is especially important for the health of your heart and brain function. An average adult needs between 270mg and 300mg of Magnesium a day. BWT filter cartridges provide up to 40 mg of Magnesium per litre of water. Our water filter jugs come in a range of sizes so you’ll always have enough Magnesium Mineralized Water.

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