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How can I enjoy filtered water at home?

Public drinking water in the UK is usually supplied by water companies, that extract drinking water from surface water like rivers and reservoirs, groundwater aquifers and mixed sources, with the largest proportion being supplied from surface water. Water is treated to remove impurities before it is supplied to domestic water systems. It then passes through a network of strategic water mains and storage tanks before entering the local water mains network, which transports and supplies water to homes. Water in the UK is of high quality, but most people are unaware that drinking water picks up heavy metals like lead and nickel, bacteria, and taste impairing elements as it travels through water pipes, affecting the taste and quality of your drinking water. Having a drinking water filter system in homes helps in removing all those unwanted elements from the water before it is consumed or used for cooking meals or preparing teas and coffees.



What are my Options? 

1. Water Dispensers 

Create your own water station with BWT that provides you with fresh, filtered water real time. Clean drinking water is essential for everyone, and BWT water dispensers are easy to set-up mini water hubs that you can install in your kitchen to enjoy an uninterrupted supply of filtered water with improved taste.

BWT Water Dispensers

2. Water Filter Jugs

Portable, easy-to-carry drinking water filter jugs that you can carry anywhere in your home, whether you’re relaxing in your garden or cooking in your kitchen. BWT drinking water filter jugs provide you with Magnesium Mineralized Water and help in reducing limescale and heavy metals and adds valuable magnesium in ion form to your water, thanks to the innovative, patented BWT magnesium technology.

BWT Water Filter Jugs

3. Drinking Water Filter Systems

A compact water solution that fits inside your kitchen sink cupboard and filters your water, delivering filtered Magnesium Mineralized Water directly from your kitchen tap. A convenient way to enjoy best drinking water anytime, with improved taste and aroma and enriched with magnesium in ionic form, which acts as a flavour carrier as well as an essential mineral for your body.

BWT Drinking Water Filter Systems

Create your own Water Station in your Kitchen 


BWT water dispensers are designed for modern homes, helping people with fresh, clean drinking water supply in their homes. They are a great alternative to single use bottled water as they turn ordinary tap water into tasty and fresh water that your taste buds will relish.

All our water dispensers are built using BWT innovation technology (Magnesium Mineralized Water) which filters your water and enriches it with a vital mineral – Magnesium.

These water dispensers are simple to use and provide on-demand mineralized water from the comfort of your own home. These dispensers provide four water options to meet different preferences, including sparkling, cold, hot, or ambient water, giving you the best drinking experience. Compact and aesthetically designed water dispensers are available in different designs from bottled to plumbed in, to meet different size requirements.

A sustainable drinking water filter solution ideal for homes and small offices, allowing people to enjoy crisp, clean water while reducing plastic waste generated by single use bottled water consumption.

Easy to use Water Filter Jugs


Our drinking water filter jugs are a portable, cost-effective water solution that provides you with the best drinking experience. Filtering your local tap water is an environmentally friendly way to enjoy filtered water, and BWT water filter jugs do the same. It’s ideal for people who don’t like the taste of their tap water and regularly buy single-use bottled water for drinking.

BWT table drinking water filter Jugs are simple to use and completely hassle-free; simply fill it with your tap water and allow it to sit for a few minutes until it filters out the unwanted elements from the water, leaving you with fresh, filtered mineralised water. The magnesium improves the taste and water, and when used in your coffee machine and kettles, it improves the overall taste and aroma of your tea and coffee.

The beauty of our drinking water filter jugs is that they filter out limescale, taste-impairing elements, and heavy metals like chlorine and lead and adds valuable minerals like zinc and magnesium in ionic form. And, with our individualised water jug cartridges, you can upgrade your water at any time to enjoy different benefits tailored to different lifestyles. Our portable water jugs have several advantages.

  • Instant Filtration and Easy to carry
  • Protects against limescale deposits in coffee machines, kettles, etc.
  • Reduces harmful heavy metals & chlorine
  • Adds magnesium in ionic form to your drinking water
  • Improves the aroma of coffee, tea, and food
  • A great alternative to single-use plastic bottles, reducing plastic waste

Filtered Water straight from your Kitchen Tap


Our compact, easy to install under sink water filter systems are an innovative water solution that transforms your water and delivers fresh, filtered water directly from your kitchen tap.

Our new “AQA drink Pure” range is ideal for any kitchen, combining innovative BWT magnesium technology with stylish GROHE taps. These 3-in-1 kitchen taps let you choose between filtered, mineralized water, unfiltered warm, and cold tap water.

It is a complete solution for your kitchen, offering the benefits of our table water filter as well giving effective limescale protection. Our under-sink filters, a great substitute to single-use plastic bottles and a sustainable solution, help each home reduce plastic waste and carbon emission while encouraging local water consumption.

BWT’s patented Magnesium technology is at the heart of our under-sink water solution, that not only filters your tap water but mineralises it with magnesium, a vital mineral, and a flavour carrier.

The Magnesium Mineralized Water filter cartridge is installed directly under the sink and connected to the water supply pipe. The filter cartridge simply filters water as it travels through your domestic water network and before it is released from the kitchen tap. The end result is magnesium-mineralized water that not only tastes perfect and is good for your body, but also protects the environment.

A great option for people living in hard water areas who want to enjoy fresh water with improved taste that is also free of limescale and heavy metals.

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