Filters And Jugs

Water Filter Jugs from BWT have a smart design perfect for instant water filtration and will be eye-catching for all tables. The unique BWT filter technology turns your tap water into mineralised filtered drinking water. Your first glass of filtered water can be poured almost immediately after filling. The innovative manual filter change indicator fitted on the top informs when exactly do you need to change the filter cartridge.

Perfect addition to your busy lifestyle, helping you in your daily hydration. Simply fill the jug with tap water and let it sit for a few minutes to enjoy filtered water. You can also use this water in your electric kettle to prepare your drinks like coffee and tea or use it in your food preparation. The filtration process helps you reduce calcium content in your tap water, so when used in kitchen appliances helps prevent the formation of limescale deposits.

BWT offers a range of individualised cartridges, transforming your tap water and offering different benefits suitable for different lifestyles. Try them!

  • More Power and Taste
  • More Performance and Beauty
  • More Balance and Healthy Lifestyle
  • From Tap Water to Best Water

Our BWT Table Water Filter Jugs are available in vibrant colours, they are ideal for your home whether hosting a get together or just relaxing at home and easy to carry, whether cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in your garden. A great value addition to your everyday routine!



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