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AQA drink Pro 20 Water Dispensers

AQA drink Pro 20 Water Dispensers

Instant Magnesium Mineralized Water

The AQA drink Pro 20 is a mains fed water dispenser developed with you in mind. Depending on your individual taste, you can choose up to three different water options including, hot, ambient, cold or sparkling all at the push of a button.

The water dispenser can be simply plumbed into your mains water supply to deliver Magnesium Mineralized Water instantly. AQA drink Pro 20 is available as a convenient counter-top model or with the simple addition of a cabinet as a floor-standing model where space allows.

Choose your favourite from:

  • HCA (Hot, Cold & Ambient)
  • CAS (Cold, Ambient & Sparkling)
  • HCS (Hot, Cold & Sparkling)


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  • Compact, powerful and integrated UV technology

    The AQA drink Pro 20 is a modern and powerful plumbed in drinking water dispenser that is ideal for both your home and work environment. With its compact design and easy installation, it delivers Magnesium Mineralized Water on demand.

    With a capacity of up to 20 l/h, the unit is ideal for all areas with medium water consumption. With BWT’s advanced filter and integrated UV technology, you can be assured of a high level of hygiene.

  • BWT AQA Drink Pro 20 water dispenser cabinet

    Smart Design

    AQA drink Pro 20 smart water dispenser homeThe base cabinet forms the basis of the floor-standing model. It offers space for the filter and the CO2 bottle, as well as for a mounted approx. 3 l wastewater tank with a wastewater level sensor, in the upper area. A further advantage of The AQA drink Pro 20 is the integrated cup dispenser, which can be used with standard cups that have a capacity of 180 ml.

  • water dispenser for home AQA Drink Pro 20

    Benefits of The AQA drink Pro 20

    UV Technology

    UV lamp at outlet for additional disinfection and increased hygiene.

    Filters out impurities

    Filters available to protect against limescale, reduces chlorine and heavy metals as well as bacteria and microplastics.

    Environmentally friendly

    The environmentally responsible alternative to plastic bottles.

  • BWT’s Filter Cartridge helps protect against limescale

    The Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect filter cartridge reliably removes the elements that cause limescale to protect your appliances.

    BWT’s Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect filter cartridge not only reduces the content of substances that give an unpleasant taste and odour, such as limescale and chlorine but also enriches the water with a vital mineral, magnesium.

  • BWT Filter cartridge removes limescale and add magnesium

    Magnesium Mineralized Water

    The perfect addition to your water

    Transform your BWT AQA drink unit into an enjoyable taste experience with BWT’s patented Magnesium Technology.

    Magnesium is a flavour carrier and makes your water taste even better. BWT’s Protect filter cartridges also remove the elements that cause limescale to protect your appliances. Not only that, the lack of limescale and scum also helps ensure your appliances work efficiently and last longer.

  • BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water Pprotect Filters for water dispensers


    Multiple water filtration

    Turns your tap water into Magnesium Mineralized Water.

    1. Primary filtration filters particles, e.g. sand or rust.

    2. Activated-carbon preliminary filter for protecting the ion exchanger.

    3. Powerful ion exchanger with efficient limescale protection. Provides the essential mineral magnesium. Reducing the amount of heavy metals such as copper, lead and nickel.

    4. Activated-carbon filtration reduces substances impairing taste and smell, such as chlorine.

    5. Fine filtration collects even the finest particles.

  • filter head for water dispensers filters

    Filter head ST 3/8“

    BWT’s Filter head ST 3/8“ is a simple, smart and easy to use technological solution for your water dispenser AQA drink Pro 20.

    The filter head comes with an integrated automatic bypass, which is safe to use repeatedly. It also comes with two non-return values that help prevent leakages and water discharge during the replacement of a filter.

    The benefits of Filter head ST 3/8“ include:

    • Easy to use and install
    • Reliable and low-maintenance
    • Fully compliant with safety and legal standards
  • Installation included bwt AQA drink pro 20 water dispenser


    A certified BWT Engineer will physically install your water dispenser AQA drink Pro 20, clean all accessible areas of the cooler and install the filter required so you will start to enjoy the best tasty water straight away.

    The engineer will use a portable ozone generator and will sterilize the internal pipework and surfaces of the AQA drink Pro 20 Water Dispenser to WHA (Water Dispenser & Hydration Association) specification. Once exhausted the ozone breaks down into pure oxygen leaving no trace, unlike traditional chemicals.

    Please notice that the installation is included within 5m of an accessible mains water source.

BWT environmental water dispenser home

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