AQA therm HWG

The AQA therm is primarily designed to be used on wet closed heating circuits designed to be chemical free. The Perfect solution to top up the system with the right quality of water wich helps to protect your heating systems from limescale and corrosion by ensuring that only water of an approved quality is used in the system.

 The AQA therm HWG (HWG stands for “Heating Water Group”) is designed to be directly installed in the heating circuit to treat and maintain the condition the heating water to the required standards.

AQA Therm HFB  providse optimised water that can extend the life of central heating systems as detailed in VDI 2035. The BA valve is compliant with the requirements of BS 7593:2019 and suitable for use for use in systems complainant with the European standard VDI2035.

It comprises of the following components.

  • AQA therm HFB: A filling block used to supply filtered water to heating systems.
  • AQA therm HES Head & Display: An ion exchange station with display used in conjunction with AQA therm HFB for water softening or desalination.
  • AQA therm SRC-L: Water demineralization filter cartridge that uses the ion exchange principle to remove excess minerals from hard water.


Please note: that this product complies with the requirements of German Directive VDI 2035 a series of guidelines set out by the association for the control of water quality for heating water and is referenced in EN12828 a standard applicable to the whole of Europe since 2012.


Additional information

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 AQA therm HWG
 Alarm function Yes 
 Connection possibilities  Compatible connection fitting for installation in any pipe system
 Display Electronic LCD display
 Pressure reducer  Included
 Pressure gauge  including manometer for pressure indication
 Installation Horizontal wall assembly
 Backflow (Non return valve) Standard