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AQA therm HWG

AQA therm HWG

The ideal solution for protecting your heating systems

The AQA therm is primarily designed to be used on wet closed heating circuits especially where the system has been designed to be chemical free. The AQA therm then provides a quick and easy solution to top up the system with the right quality of water. An innovative solution from BWT that helps to protect your heating systems from limescale and corrosion by ensuring that only water of an approved quality is used in the system. This is particularly important where the system has been filled previously with demineralized water.

The right water quality is paramount to ensure your central heating system is protected and can operate at its optimal efficiency. The AQA therm HWG (HWG stands for “Heating Water Group”) is designed to be directly installed in the heating circuit to treat and maintain the condition the heating water to the required standards.

AQA Therm HFB is part of the AQA HWS BWT product line, developed to provide optimised water that can extend the life of central heating systems as detailed in VDI 2035. The BA valve is compliant with the requirements of BS 7593:2019 and suitable for use for use in systems complainant with the European standard VDI2035.

It comprises of the following components.

  • AQA therm HFB: A filling block used to supply filtered water to heating systems.
  • AQA therm HES Head & Display: An ion exchange station with display used in conjunction with AQA therm HFB for water softening or desalination.
  • AQA therm SRC-L: Water demineralization filter cartridge that uses the ion exchange principle to remove excess minerals from hard water.


Please note: that this product complies with the requirements of German Directive VDI 2035 a series of guidelines set out by the association for the control of water quality for heating water and is referenced in EN12828 a standard applicable to the whole of Europe since 2012.


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  • Installations in Domestic Water Systems

    AQA Therm HWG Filter System

    BWT AQA therm has been designed to be permanently installed into the separate wet heating circuit of your home and is supplied with back flow protection to prevent damage and contamination. It is very important that the right quality of heating water is used for the primary fill and for any subsequent top ups if it is to  protect your entire heating system.


  • BWT heating system protection system

    Protection against deposits, corrosion and air


    Heating systems can be prone to a variety of system failures, as a result of the scale produced by hard water. These  can result in higher heating costs or even sudden system breakdown. Our AQA therm water solutions softens the water and provides the right water quality to your heating system, preventing limescale, corrosion, and deposits from causing malfunctions or breakdowns.

  • AQA Therm HWG System for heating systems

    The best heating water without additives

    BWT AQA therm products are designed in accordance with BWT’s “ReinHEIZgebot” pure heating water concept that lets you perfectly condition your heating system’s water without using chemical additives where local water regulations allow.

    • Enjoy

    Permanent Cosy Warmth: The water with which the heating system is filled helps ensure that everything runs smoothly. The perfectly coordinated AQA therm products ensure that the heating water is correctly treated, which in turn promotes efficient, maintenance and trouble-free operation.

    • Protect

    Perfect, Natural Heating Water: The right water can prevent limescale formation, air and corrosion in your heating system. BWT AQA therm products retain undesirable water constituents and thus ensure ideal water quality throughout the heating system.

    • Save

    Saves you money in the long run: Standard-compliant heating water prevents deposits. The heating system will thank you by consuming less energy. In the long term, this can help cut your energy costs because boilers and heating circuits work more efficiently without energy zapping scale.


  • AQA Therm HWG System for heating systems

    Technical Specifications

    • Alarm function for cartridge change
    • Flexible connection options for easier integration
    • Electronic display
    • Pressure reducer included
    • Pressure gauge including manometer for pressure indication
    • Simple assembly and installation
    • Includes integrated BA backflow preventer


Protecting Your Heating Systems

Installation in Domestic Water System

Protection against Limescale and Corrosion


The best heating water without additives