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AQA therm SRC Cartridges

AQA therm SRC Cartridges

Salt-reducing Filter Cartridges for your Heating System

The BWT AQA therm SRC cartridge is one of a range of cartridges available for use with the AQA therm HWG Central heating protection system. Which when installed can provide the correct water necessary to fill and or top up the central heating loop of your heating system. This specially treated water can then provide a high level of protection against limescale, oxygen and corrosion without the use of chemicals.

The AQA therm SRC cartridge uses the principal of ion exchange to reduce the salt content in the water before it is used to fill and top up a heating system loop, thereby reducing water constituents that cause limescale formation and corrosion.

The SRC Cartridge is available in two sizes that can be selected dependent on the size of the heating system and whether the AQA therm HWG is to be used to provide ongoing high quality top up water or to be used to fill the complete system.


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  • How does SRC Cartridge work?

    • Demineralizes water using the ion exchange principle, removing excess minerals from hard water.
    • Adjusts water quality to the needs of heating installations and improves system performance.
    • Aids in hard water desalination and prevents limescale and corrosion formation.


  • AQA Therm HWG System for heating systems

    Used with BWT AQA therm HWG

    AQA therm SRC cartridges are used with BWT AQA therm HWG system to remove excess minerals from hard water using ion exchange principle. Heating systems can be prone to a variety of system failures, as a result of the scale produced by hard water. These  can result in higher heating costs or even sudden system breakdown. Our AQA Therm SRC cartridges softens the water and provides the right water quality to your heating system, preventing limescale, corrosion, and deposits from causing malfunctions or breakdowns.

  • Eco Friendly Water Treatment System

    Benefits of Using SRC Cartridges

    The SRC cartridge is a compact single cartridge system that is easily attached and detached from the units main body. The expected life span of the cartridge can be calculated from the instructions provided and an alarm/ reminder set on the AQA therm HWG to alert you as the time draws near. The casing of the cartridge and contents can all be recycled when the cartridge is exhausted where local recycling facilities exist. Adding further to the green credentials of chemical free heating water.

Technical Details

SRC Cartridges Technical Specifications


Please Note: The AQA therm HRC (hardness reducing cartridge, not to be used with aluminum) can also be used. This cartridge only reduces water constituents that cause limescale formation. Inhibitors must be added to reduce corrosion.



Protecting Your Heating Systems

Installation in Domestic Water System

Protection against Limescale and Corrosion


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