AQA therm SRC Cartridges

The BWT AQA therm SRC cartridge is one of a range of cartridges available for use with the AQA therm HWG Central heating protection system. Which when installed can provide the correct water necessary to fill and or top up the central heating loop of your heating system. This specially treated water can then provide a high level of protection against limescale, oxygen and corrosion without the use of chemicals.

The AQA therm SRC cartridge uses the principal of ion exchange to reduce the salt content in the water before it is used to fill and top up a heating system loop, thereby reducing water constituents that cause limescale formation and corrosion.

The SRC Cartridge is available in two sizes that can be selected dependent on the size of the heating system and whether the AQA therm HWG is to be used to provide ongoing high quality top up water or to be used to fill the complete system.

  • Demineralizes water using the ion exchange principle, removing excess minerals from hard water.
  • Adjusts water quality to the needs of heating installations and improves system performance.
  • Aids in hard water desalination and prevents limescale and corrosion formation.



Additional information


AQA therm SRC L, AQA therm SRC XL

Technical Data 
SRC-L       Approx Capacity @20º dH l 240
SRC-XL    Approx Capacity @20º dH l 480
Nominal Pressure bar 6.0
Ambient/ water Temperature ºC 30/40
Pre-pressure  Flow Rate  m3/ h