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Table water filter with manual changeover indicator

Capacity of the Carafe = 1Ltr

Main benefits:

  • ENRICHED FILTER WATER TECHNOLOGY: Supplements regular tap water with magnesium and purifies the taste
  • PERFORMANCE IN SPORTS: Magnesium boosts performance in athletic activities
  • PROTECTION: Ensures there is optimal protection against limescale for your appliances
  • TASTE: It becomes a perfect ingredient for tea and coffee preparation, as well as in everyday cooking
  • DELIVERY: Table water filter AQUAlizer Station 1 l incl. 1 magnesium filter cartridges and glass carafe incl. lid

Change The World Sip By Sip

Use local water Avoid single-use plastic bottles


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Sophisticated aesthetics and technology are brought into your home with the new BWT Aqualizer Station. This station uses the unique BWT water filter technology to transform your local tap water into delicious, magnesium-​​​supplemented drinking water.

Easily refill

With the removable lid you can easily fill up the tank under all common taps.

Cartridge change

The Aqualizer Station gives you an overview of when the filter cartridge needs to be changed (roughly every 30 days) by its manual display on the inside of the lid.

Filter cartridge and glass carafe

The magnesium water filter and glass carafe transforms your tap water. Its unique filter technology creates optimum limescale protection for your kitchen appliances.

All BWT filter cartridges are compatible with the Aqualizer Station.

  • Water Filter Technology

    In the history of filter development, BWT’s multi-​​​stage filtering process of Magnesium Mineralized Water filter cartridge is a milestone achievement. The water’s coarse impurities content is decreased and particles are trapped through our fine fabric filter. The ion exchanger replaces calcium ions, and heavy metal content, with magnesium. This effectively protects household appliances against limescale.

  • Magnesium enriched

    Magnesium is an essential mineral for human beings, however our bodies are not capable of producing it naturally. The normal daily requirement is approx. 300mg however this can change and be higher in various situations such as stress. Making sure to incorporate magnesium into our food and drink daily is very important.

  • Design and convenience

    The BWT AQUAlizer Station allows for easy convenience in drinking filtered water. Tap water becomes more mineral enriched and tastier, supplemented with the stylish glass carafe that acts as a decorative element in the home.

  • Sustainability

    Regular bottled water often must be transported over long distances before it is reached by its consumer. The alternative is to use local tap water. BWT refines its water on site to reduce unnecessary miles and ultimately reduce CO2 emissions – helping to fight against climate change. By using BWT’s Magnesium Mineralized water, you are reducing the use of disposable plastic bottles. This is a small step we can all take in combatting a big environment issue for our world’s oceans.

  • Change The World Sip By Sip

    Change the World Sip by Sip

    Positive contribution to the world! By using and reusing the BWT Climate Bottle, you are using a smart alternative to single use plastic bottles. avoiding the inconvenience of buying and transporting bottled water from the store to your home and in some case halfway around the world.

  • BWT Climate Bottle Free Zone Water from the Tap

    BWT Bottle Free Zone

    BWT’s declared goal is to provide water of perfect drinking water quality everywhere in the world. With innovative, patented BWT technologies, it is possible to filter local water and at the same time enrich it with valuable minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, zinc, and silicate. Thanks to BWT Climate Bottle you will save on time-consuming transport, storage, and disposal of single use water bottles and thus help reduce transport, CO2 emissions and plastic waste.

    Create your own #BottleFreeZone