Bottled Magnesium Mineralized Water

Refreshing BWT bottled Magnesium Mineralized Water can be delivered in 2 x 19 litre bottles or 4 x 19 litre bottles. Featuring universal fittings cap, BWT bottles fit comfortably on to most modern water coolers, whilst their non-drip seal ensures a fuss-free change over.

  • Enhance your water cooler with Magnesium Mineralized water.
  • Improves the taste of hot and cold drinks.
  • Magnesium is important part of a well-balanced diet.
  • Handy multi-use returnable 19 litre bottles.
  • Non drip one-way caps for easier bottle changes.
  • BPA-free


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The water is supplied in a high quality re-usable bottle helping you to avoid unnecessary single-use plastics.

Deposits are held on account and so subsequent deliveries will not attract a bottle deposit charge provided the bottles collected are clean, re-usable and replaced by full ones.

Bottled Magnesium Mineralized Water in 19L returnable bottles are ideal for watercoolers and dispensing pumps.

BWT Bottled Magnesium Mineralized Water is purified and mineralized with a unique blend of minerals for purity, taste and balance for your wellbeing – enjoy straight from your cooler.

The perfect water for your dispenser. Magnesium is a great flavour carrier and brings out the best in hot and cold drinks like tea and coffee. It’s also great as a mixer with squashes and cordials as well as on its own.

With Low levels of calcium carbonate, magnesium mineralized water will not form limescale or ‘scum’ in tea. To avoid unnecessary single-use plastics the water is supplied in a high quality reusable bottles.

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2x MG2+19L, 4x MG2+19L