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BWT 360 Water At Home

BWT 360 Water At Home

The perfect way to enjoying Magnesium Mineralized Water at home sustainably.

A slim-line floor standing water dispenser and three bottles of water are all included in the BWT 360 starter pack.

  • Ambient & Chilled water 
  • No commitment
  • No bottle deposits
  • Free delivery


Note: This offer is only available in England & Wales.


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The dispenser is yours to keep and water is yours to drink, the bottles will remain our property so they can be reused and eventually recycled. Once we receive your order we will call you to arrange delivery and to add your name and contact details to our pre-calling list. This allows one of friendly staff with your permission to call or message you approximately once a month to see if you need more water and if you do, add your order to the next delivery in your area.

There is no contract or requirement for you purchase water when we call simply say yes when you are ready. On your first water order we will deliver three 11 litre bottles of water and take away your first two empties, the third bottle will most likely still be on your cooler. On subsequent visits we will deliver a minimum of three bottles and take three bottles away.

If in the future you decide a water dispenser isn’t for you or you upgrade to one of our under the sink magnesium mineralized drinking water systems we will simply take you last four bottles away with nothing more to pay.

We recommend that you sanitise your new water dispenser at least every tree months. You can add a Sanitisation Pack to your regular water order at any time for just £12, please talk to us when we call.


  • Quality water in the comfort of your home

    • 3 x11L Bottles of Magnesium Mineralized Water just £21
    • FREE delivery to your door
    • Save money vs off the shelf bottled water
    • Enjoy high quality mineralized water with your family @home and on the move
  • #BottleFreeZone

    • Say NO to single-use plastic with BWT 360, all bottles are reused
    • Friendly pre-calling service, means you always have the water you need
    • We collect your old bottles whilst delivering new ones
    • We only make visits to the neighbourhood when necessary, reducing unnecessary food miles and emissions.
    • To optimise our deliveries, we simply ask you to order at least 3 bottles at any one time.
  • Getting to know your Slimcool water dispenser

    • Magnesium Mineralized water – Only available from BWT
    • Light Touch Dispensing Levers – For ease of use and control
    • Concealed Dispensing Nozzle – For added hygiene
    • Adjustable Cup and Bottle Shelf – For safe and easier filling
    • Silver Side Panels – For that modern kitchen feel
    • Lowered Centre of Gravity – For added safety
    • Mains Cable Storage – For neat and tidy appearance
    • Compact Design – Perfect for home and small offices
    • Dimensions- Height 95.5cm Diameter 20cm Weight 13kg
    • Approvals – CE, CB
  • For complete peace of mind

    • Buying your cooler and three lots of water is a one off purchase
    • No restrictive contracts
    • No fixed deliveries or monthly commitments
    • You own the cooler and the water
    • Home sanitisation kit available
    • 1 year warranty (does not include accidental damage)
  • How does the BWT 360 scheme work in practice?

    • Step 1. Order on line at 3 x 11 litre bottles and 1 x slim cooler.
    • Step 2. We will call you to arrange delivery and explain how our water replenishment plan works.
    • Step 3. We will then deliver your 3 x 11 litre bottles and 1 x slim cooler to your home.
    • Step 4. Then we will contact you usually once a month to see if you need more water.
    • Step 5. If you do on our first visit we will deliver 3 x full and take away 2 because you may still have one bottle on your cooler.
    • Step 6. On subsequent visits  we will deliver 3 x full and take away 3 x empties. Bottles are then cleaned sterilized and refilled so no plastic is wasted.


We are open!

Despite these challenging times we are pleased to say that BWT are here to help you whatever your water needs. Many of our teams continue to work remotely from home in line with the latest recommendations from the NHS. If you need to get in touch, please give us a call on: 01494838100 or alternatively, send a message to: [email protected]