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BWT AQA nano Limescale Protection

BWT AQA nano Limescale Protection

Effective limescale protection up to 356 PPM and flow rates of up to 25 litres per minute

BWT AQA nano is a revolutionary water treatment product from BWT that helps in preventing limescale and corrosion deposits in pipes and boilers. Unlike a water softener, BWT’s AQA nano doesn’t require salt to treat the water and can be easily fitted in places without the need for a waste or overflow. It only needs a cartridge change once a year, to ensure the continuous treatment of the incoming water supply and the provision of effective limescale protection.


  • A revolutionary Water Treatment System


    Limescale protection of up to 356 PPM

    It maintains the important minerals while stabilising the limescale dissolved in the water

    Suitable for a household of 1-3 persons

    Fully automatic operation

    Water treatment capacity up to 110 m³

  • How does it work? BWT AQA nano

    How BWT AQA nano Works?

    Due to its unique bipolar technology, it reverses the polarity of water molecules on both ends that helps in stabilising the limescale in the water and prevents it from depositing within the pipes or plumbing system. It works efficiently in areas with water hardness of up to 356ppm.

    With fully automated operation and chemical free technology (salt free solution), AQA nano needs minimal maintenance. It balances and prevents the limescale deposition from the water which is completely drinkable (potable). We recommend that a pre-filter is always used to protect and prolong the cartridge life. The AQA Nano will work with most drinking water pre-filter systems that are already installed. (Please note that this system doesn’t include pre-filter and one should be ordered separately if not already fitted to the supply feed).

    For areas with higher water hardness, please visit our other water treatment solutions: BWT AQA Total range

  • Save cost with BWT AQA nano

    Minimal maintenance & low cost

    BWT AQA nano is an easy to install solution with minimal maintenance and low running costs and its flexible design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications as well as pipe sizes. It uses a chemical free water treatment technology that forms tiny nano crystals which stabilises the limescale dissolved in the water. This helps in retaining all the valuable minerals in the water while also protecting limescale deposition. As it doesn’t require a drain for wastewater or an overflow it is ideal for areas with no outside wall or easy access to wastewater services. It should ideally be fitted directly on to the incoming water mains soon after it enters the building and before any take off points so that it stabilises the limescale within your property.



Benefits of the BWT AQA nano

Reliable protection against limescale deposits and the unnecessary hygiene risks associated with it.

All valuable minerals are retained in the water.

the electronic controller provides a reliable reminder of an annual service.

Chemical Free
No salt or chemicals needed for treating water



  • filter water agains limescale BWT AQA nano

    Is BWT AQA nano the right Water Treatment for me?

    BWT AQA nano is ideal for properties fitted with 15 – 28mm pipework. Providing around 110m3 (110,000 litres of treated water between cartridge changes the AQA Nano is ideal for households of up to three people.

    For bigger homes, please refer to our other range of water conditioner: BWT AQA Total Range

  • delivery update BWT January 2022

    Replacement cartridge

    The BWT AQA nano requires a cartridge replacement once a year to ensure continuous limescale protection. The used cartridge can be disposed of with your domestic waste or recycled along with plastic waste.

  • Technology of the BWT AQA nano

    The technical bits

    We recommend an installation of the BWT E1 Single-Lever Filter to help optimise performance of the AQA nano and prevent dust particles like rust and sand from entering the domestic water system therefore providing high-quality whole house filtration.  This product doesn’t include a pressure reducing valve or other extras that may be needed. Please feel free to CONTACT US in advance if you would like our experienced customer service team to advise you about your particular project.


    • Dimensions 300mm (w) 710mm (h) 234mm (d)
    • Max flow rate 25 litres per minute
    • Energy consumption 0.018 kWh per m³
    • Power on standby mode 1.8Wh
    • Max operating pressure 16bars


    The BWT AQA Nano anti-scale is delivered complete with:

    • Casing to protect from dust and spray
    • Titanium electrodes to generate the treatment pulses
    • Single stand alone 110 m3 capacity cartridge
    • Fully automated operation (electronic)
    • An intuitive LED display showing the operating status