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BWT AQA Total Energy Range

BWT AQA Total Energy Range

Unique 3-Phase-Technology

BWT AQA Total Energy Range are unique physical water conditioners that offer optimum limescale and corrosion protection for your drinking water installation whilst retaining all the vital minerals in the water so that you get the best from your water. These products use unique 3 phase technology developed by BWT, that stabilises the water by forming nanocrystals, preventing the deposition of limescale in your water supply  network such as pipes, controls, and boilers. Efficient in preventing scale and corrosion within the pipes and offer limescale protection of up to 713 PPM.


  • Optimum limescale and corrosion protection for your drinking water installation


    Stabilise the limescale dissolved in the water, without the loss of those important minerals

    Fully automatic operation

    Optimal protection against limescale and corrosion in pipes and valves

    Treatment of up to 4.5 m³/h of drinking water per hour

    Minimal maintenance and low energy costs

    No down time, and is online 24 hours a day

    Chemical free protection against water hardness

    Easy to operate

    Ideal for use with modern heating units with built in storage and pumps

  • AQA Total energy range

    How AQA Total Energy Works?

    At the heart of BWT AQA Total Energy is the unique bipolar technology that reverses the polarity on both ends of the water molecule. This results in the formation of tiny lime crystals due to the precisely aligned current and voltage impulses. These nanocrystals formed stabilise the limescale in the water and help in preventing the deposition of scale in pipes, controls and boilers. Moreover, they also form a fine, protective anti-corrosion coating in the pipes. AQA Total Energy is fully automated and suitable for water hardness up to 713ppm. These systems will treat water without adding any salt or chemicals, leaving water is completely acceptable to drink (potable).  The system should always be installed after a suitable pre-filter and will works with comfortably with most pre-filter systems that may already be in place.


    Note: These systems do not include pre-filter as standard.

  • 3-phase technology BWT AQA Total Energy

    3-Phase Technology

    Phase 1: Unlike the ion exchange process, the unique BWT technology used in AQA total Energy retains all the important minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water.
    Phase 2: AQA total Energy comes with an in-built active unit which is a multiple electrode structure. Each of these electrically conductive particles is a bipole, which has a positive and a negative end. The unique bipolar technology reverses the polarity of these bipoles, and as a result there is a local shift in the lime / carbonic acid equilibrium forming tiny calcium carbonate crystals, also known as nanocrystals. These nanocrystals absorb limescale, that usually precipitates in the water when water is heated, stabilising it in the water and prevents its deposition in the pipe and boiler.
    Phase 3: The same active unit of multiple electrode structure also forms a protective convering layer offering corrosion protection to pipes and associated controls and valves. In conjunction with Phase 2, a small amount of the previously needed minerals will be used to create a uniquely homogeneous and fine protective topcoat.



BWT AQA Total Energy Range

Stabilises limescale in the water by forming nanocrystals, making it unable to deposit in the pipes, installation, or boiler.

Retains all essential mineral content in your water, helping you maintain your mineral intake from your drinking water.

Creates an effective corrosion protection coating in metallic pipes for an increased lifespan.

Long-life refill cartridge and no salt or brine tank to maintain.



  • Save cost with BWT AQA nano

    Minimal maintenance & low cost

    The BWT AQA Total Energy Range are a low maintenance product. Due to their unique revolutionary technology, they don’t require salt to prevent limescale and therefore have lower running costs than some other forms of water treatment. The treated water is potable and can be used for drinking purpose as it contains all the important minerals and no by-products from the conditioning process . Due to their flexible design and no additional plumbing work for a waste or overflow , they are easier to set up and install, and are suitable for a wide range of applications and pipe sizes. They should be installed immediately  after the  pre-filter, so that the water is treated before it enters your home’s water network.

    Note: This product  is not supplied with fitting kit , so a Hex wrench or other extras may need to be additionally purchased . Please feel free to CONTACT US in advance if you would like our experienced customer service team advise you about your particular case.

Is BWT AQA Total Energy the right Water Treatment for me?


The AQA Total Energy Range is suitable for domestic applications with a capacity from 380m³ (380,000 litres) up to 760m³ (760,000 litres) between filter changes.


BWT AQA Total energy range chart limescale protection

The UK average usage of water are listed below:

Source South West Water


To find out an estimate of your annual water usage, you can use the following calculator from Anglian Water.


Estimate of your annual water usage here


  • delivery update BWT January 2022

    Replacement cartridge

    The AQA Total Energy replacement cartridges need to be changed once in a year and the used filter cartridges can be disposed of with your domestic waste or recycled with other plastic waste where facilities exist. Please note: The number of cartridges used in each unit will vary from 1 or 2 depending on the model selected Please always order and replace all of the cartridge at the same time.

  • AQA total Energy Technology

    The technical bits

    It is recommended that a suitable pre-filter such as a BWT E1 Single-Lever Filter is always installed before your selected unit to protect and prolong the life of the unit and cartridges. This will also  preventing particles such as sand and rust from entering in the domestic water supply.

    Please note that this system is not supplied with a Pre-filter. Please talk to our customer service team when ordering for details of suitable options.