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BWT Corades

BWT Corades

Disinfection Hand-Gel

BWT Corades – Effective against bacteria and special viruses like influenza and corona viruses

Convenient gel formula allows for easy application straight from the bottle without waste for effective protection in as little as 30 seconds.



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  • Tough on Bacteria and Viruses but kind to your Skin

    BWT Corades:

    70% Ethanol for effective protection

    Handy gel formula for easy application

    Touch dry in around 30 seconds

    Panthenol Pro vitamin B5 to protect and rehydrate skin

    Fresh Fragrance

    Two sizes available choose from:

    On the spot pocket size 50ml bottle
    or 300ml pump action dispensers

    Available in handy multi-packs of 4×300 ml and 10x50ml for convenience




    BWT CORADES disinfection hand gel is also commonly known as hand sanitiser and is a useful alternative to washing your hands with soap and warm water. Unlike ordinary hand washing, these type of hand sanitising products require no water or the need for paper towels to dry your hands.


    BWT CORADE’s gel like nature makes it easy to apply and unlike liquids and sprays there is little risk of wastage. Economical in use, effective protection against bacteria and viruses can be achieved by applying 3ml of CORADES gel and rubbing it into the hands for at least 30 seconds.


    The quick drying gel can be used straight from the bottle, does not require any water or the hands to be dried. The hard working gel is enhanced with Panthenol Pro vitamin B5 to protect and rehydrate skin, which is particularly important when washing or sanitising hands frequently.


    The 70% ethanol content helps make the sanitising hand gel particularly effective against special viruses like influenza and Corona as well many bacteria. The handy on the spot pocket size bottle is perfect for people on the move and will also comfortably fit into a handbag, purse or glovebox. While the larger size, pump action dispenser is ideal for your washroom, bathroom or even small offices.

    The handy multi packs are specially designed for your convenience, reducing your order frequency, shipping costs and ensuring you always have stock in reserve. Each multipack is tailored to the size of the hand sanitiser dispenser you order. The multi packs offer you great value for money, The 50ml pocket size pack is available in packs of 10 whilst the larger 300ml dispenser is conveniently packed in fours.