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BWT Ecosoft P’URE Balance 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

BWT Ecosoft P’URE Balance 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Compact Mains Water Purification System – Magnesium & Calcium Enriched Filtration Technology

Reverse osmosis is by far the most advanced technology of water purification in use today, this BWT Ecosoft P’URE reverse osmosis system represent combination of innovative technologies and natural processes that provide delicious water with calcium and magnesium minerals. The best economical and ecological way to enjoy the best water at home.

This RO Complete Water Purification System includes advanced 6-stage filtration technology, stylish tap, storage reservoir, and full fitting kit.  Supplied with everything you need to be up and running in just a few hours.

  • Filter housing
  • Pre-filters for P’URE Balance filter
  • Membrane element 75 GPD (280 LPD)
  • Ecosoft carbon post-filter for reverse osmosis filter
  • AquaSpring mineralization filter
  • ‘Modern’ ball valve faucet for purified water
  • Plastic pressure tank (total vol. 12 L, usable vol. up to 7 L) and tank valve
  • Feed water adapter, feed valve, drain saddle
  • Service wrenches
  • User manual




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  • An Intelligent Reverse Osmosis System - For your Everyday Needs

    • Reducing 97% of undesirable elements from our water supply, reverse osmosis (RO) is one of the most effective technologies used in the purification of the water we drink and use in and around our homes.
    • The BWT system is perfect for the removal of a wide range of elements that can make the water less palatable, hygienic.
    • At the heart of the system is the highly efficient reverse osmosis membrane protected by a range of pre-filters to ensure effective performance and extended working cycle. Installed directly under the sink the system is unobtrusive and easy to install.
    • It is considered to be the most effective and low-cost method of domestic water purification- most advanced water treatment technology widely available.
    • The Ecosoft Standard’s RO membrane has a capacity of 7.9 l/h. Moreover, purified water does not require boiling.
    • The optimal and constant amount of natural calcium and magnesium minerals in water is 60-80 mg/L.
    • Recovery rate 50% — AquaGreen technology conserves up to 20 000 litres of water per year.
    • Maintenance-friendly due to self-standing metal rack.
    • Designed for water systems with low pressure.
  • key-features-of-bwt-absolute-ro

    Key Features of our Ecosoft P'URE RO System

    • Advanced 6 stage water purification technology
    • Up to 7.9 L of treated water per hour
    • High quality membrane element, activated carbon filters & mineralisation filters
    • Durable Filter housing made of pure opaque food grade plastic
    • 12L metal Reservoir (storage tank)
    • Simple Installation with full instructions
    • All systems are tested and approved for domestic application


  • How does the Ecosoft P'URE work?

    • Stage one – 5 micron PP sediment filter : Removes large (greater than 5 microns) particles like dust, sand, rust and other large undesirable elements.
    • Stage two – Granular activated carbon filter : Improves the taste, color and odor of the water by neutralizing the likes of chlorine, chlorine and organic compounds (pesticides, dioxides, etc.).
    • Stage three – AquaGreen filter: Provides membrane protection for refuced drainage into the sewer.
    • Stage four – BWT Ecosoft reverse osmosis membrane: Reverse osmosis – The pre-cleaned water is passed through the RO membrane at high pressure, to reduce chemical, heavy metals (copper, lead, and arsenic), bacteria and viruses where they exist. Removed 99.8% of all impurities.
    • Stage five – Balance Mineralizer: Enriches water with calcium and magnesium minerals.
    • Stage six – Activated Carbon Polishing Filter : The Purified water is passed through a carbon polishing filter. Which absorbs the gases dissolved in water and gives the water a more pleasant and natural taste.



    Please notice the video is showing the no pump model

  • BWT Ecosoft P'URE Balance 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System replacement filters CHV5PUREBAL3

    Replaceable Cartridges for the Ecosoft P'URE RO System

    • The 5-Micron Sediment Filter reduces contaminants larger than 5 microns in size, such as sand, silt, scale, and other insoluble compounds.
    • The Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filter reduces chlorine chlorination by-products, natural organic matter, and petrochemicals in drinking water.
    • The CTO Coconut Shell Carbon Filter further reduces the content of chlorination by-products and sediments.


  • BWT Ecosoft P'URE Balance 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System membrane CSV181275ECO

    Replaceable Cartridges for the Ecosoft P'URE RO System

    • The Reverse Osmosis Membrane purifies water from 99.8% of impurities, including bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other chemicals. .
    • The Coconut Shell Carbon Polishing Filter further improves the taste and odor of the purified water.


  • benefits-of-ro-purifier

    Benefits of Using an Ecosoft RO System

    • Highly effective at removing undesirable elements that can affect the taste and hygiene of your water
    • Very efficient in many cases requires only water pressure to work effectively
    • Sealed storage system for clean water on demand
    • The perfect “base water” for hobby and lifestyle applications
    • Saves money when used as an alternative to specialist Water purchases


  • Why Choose a Reverse Osmosis System?

    • Your New BWT Absolute RO is highly effective at removing unwanted elements from your water that may include minerals or chemicals that can affect the taste and smell of the your water including sodium, fluoride and chloride, plus many more.
    • Reverse Osmosis has proven itself invaluable on projects of virtually every size from the preparation of water for industry to treating the drinking water in many of our homes.
    • The RO process is energy efficient and in many cases requires no external power supply (except where the water pressure is very low) this is in contrast to other processes that requires heat.
    • Using a sealed system and storage reservoir the BWT Ecosoft absolute RO is versatile and able to provide clean water on demand.
    • Tap water whilst delivered to our homes in the UK is safe to drink, it is not always the perfect water for applications like horticultural, fish keeping, rinsing the car or protecting appliances from mineral deposits.
    • The Absolute RO from BWT is ideal for creating a base water from which you can produce the perfect water for your hobby or other water need.
  • Tap water vs single-use plastic bottles

    Protect Your Planet Blue

    Single-use bottled water often travels long distances before reaching you. There is a much better solution: water from your local tap. BWT can treat this water in your home or on site and thus reduces unnecessary transport. The result: less CO2 emissions, which is good for the climate. With BWT Purified Water, you also reduce the consumption of disposable single use bottles that end up in the ocean. Nature says thank you!

  • BWT Bottle Free Zone

    Bottle Free Water Solutions

    Single-use plastic bottles are produced and transported all over the world. As a result, tons of plastic and CO2 emissions are generated, posing a threat to our environment and planet.

    BWT aims to protect our planet blue with its innovative and patented technologies that filter your local tap water and enrich it with valuable minerals and trace elements. This saves the laborious transport, storage and disposal of water bottles.

    Whether at home, in the office, in restaurants, hotels or in public buildings, the BWT Bottle Free Zone provides locally processed mineralized water.

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Environmentally-Friendly Water Purifier Solution

Saves Money

Improved Quality & Hygiene of Tap Water