BWT Electronic Scale Inhibitor Wrappa LW2

The BWT LIFF Wrappa is a cost-effective limescale inhibitor that helps prevent limescale build-up within your plumbing and household appliances. The BWT LIFF Wrappa is easy to install and is suitable for a wide range of pipe sizes and materials including plastic. With no need to turn off the water or to cut the pipe, it is perfect for both professional and DIY installation. The Wrappa uses radio frequencies that change the characteristics of the hardness minerals in the water such as calcium helping to prevent the formation of “hard to remove” limescale deposits. When used in homes with hard water, BWT’s Wrappa can help extend the life of your home appliances that heat water, like your washing machine, dishwasher and kettle. With less limescale deposits on the heating element, appliances work more efficiently and tend to last longer helping you to save money on the day to day running costs and maintenance repairs.

  • No need to cut the pipe or disturb any existing plumbing
  • Can be installed on a variety of different pipe sizes
  • Works on most materials excluding lead
  • Can help remove existing scale
  • Can help reduce energy costs
  • No maintenance required

How Does The BWT Wrappa Work?

Hard water contains excess minerals, and when minerals such as calcium and carbonate ions react, limescale forms. Calcite has a high level of aggregation and adhesion, which can lead to the accumulation of calcareous scale within pipes and connected equipment. Aragonite, which has the same chemical composition as Calcite, on the other hand, has a low level of aggregation and adhesion, preventing scale buildup. BWT Wrappa ensures that the Calcium Carbonate in the water forms only as Aragonite within the unit. As a result, protecting and preventing limescale buildup within your pipes and connected equipment so that it lasts longer. So, they are a great long term solutions to protect your home from Limescale Formation

Technical Data Sheet   BWT WRAPPA  
Part No. LW2
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H 150 x 100 x5
Fuse rating (A) 3
Maximum flow (l/m) 0.8
Pipe size (mm) Up to 35
Power consumption (w) 3