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BWT Filter head ST 3/8″

BWT Filter head ST 3/8″

Simple, smart and easy to use

BWT Filter head ST 3/8“ is easy to install, use and maintain. The perfect addition to the BWT AQA Drink Filter Cartridges



  • BWT Filter cartridge removes limescale and add magnesium

    The perfect addition to your BWT AQA drink filter cartridges

    BWT’s Filter head ST 3/8“ is a simple, smart and easy to use technological solution for your AQA drink water filter cartridges .

    The filter head comes with an integrated automatic bypass, which is safe to use repeatedly. It also comes with two non-return values that help prevent leakages and water discharge during the replacement of a filter.

    The benefits of Filter head ST 3/8“ include:

    • Easy to use and install
    • Reliable and low-maintenance
    • Fully compliant with safety and legal standards


    Note: Please, be aware this Filter Head may not be suitable for similar filter cartridges