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BWT Thero 90 Reverse Osmosis Cartridge

The BWT Thero 90 reverse osmosis cartridge is easy to replace, just screw in and out, and includes  pre and post filters as well as a specialist reverse osmosis membrane in one compact eco friendly cartridge shell. The sealed filter cartridge dramatically reduces the risk of contamination when changing the cartridge.

The reverse Osmosis cartridge should be changed at least every 12 months when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It may be necessary to change it sooner if your water usage is high or the cartridge is left idle for a long period of time.

  • Easy filter change.
  • Little space required.
  • Direct replacement for original filter.
  • Recyclable where facilities exist.
  • Minimum risk of RO membrane contamination.
  • Complete RO system in one convenient housing.



Thero 9O Replacement Cartridge
Performance figures refer to Thero 90 and 90 Pro only.
 Dimensions  (D x H) (mm) 130 x 425
 Performance at 15º c   (l/h  – l/min 90 / 1.51
 Min.Inlet pressure (bar) 2.0
 Ambient temperature (ºc) 5 – 40
 Water temperature (ºc) 5 – 30
 Salt retention >98%
 Yield approx 50%
 Max, raw water hardness (dH) 20 
 Iron (Fe) & Manganese (Mn)  (mg/l <0.05
 Silicate (SiO)  (ml/l) <15
 Total dissolved salt content  (mg/l) <500
 Blocking Index (SDI – Silt Density Index)  <3%
 Oxidising substances  (mg/l) <0.05
 Filter exchange  At least once per year 
BWT thero 90 and 90Pro Brochure
BWT thero 90 and 90Pro Data Sheet