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BWT Thero 90 & Thero 90 Pro RO Systems

The Thero 90 and Thero 90 Pro are part of BWT’s new range of reverse osmosis systems that can deliver purified water directly to your tap. Pure water that is free from Nanoparticles, Microplastics and even Bacteria. Water that can be used safely to drink, wash vegetables to cook, and as the base water for specialist water requirements like for aquariums and horticulture. When you can enjoy water this good from the tap, it eliminates the need to buy single-use plastic bottled water. The BWT Reverse Osmosis Cartridge for the BWT Thero 90 is full of benefits including its space saving compact side. It’s also easy to change: just screw in and out and replace annually.

Our Thero 90 Reverse Osmosis System comes with the following components.

  • Reverse Osmosis Cartridge System Hoses and Adapters.
  • One-way tap for drinking water.
  • Drainage clamp.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (Available only with Thero 90 Pro RO System).



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Thero 90 Reverse Osmosis System, Thero 90 Pro Reverse Osmosis System with Bluetooth Connectivity

Technical Specifications

BWT Thero 9opro BWT Thero 90
 Article number 821105 821100
 Membrane flushing
 Interval membrane flushing
 Dimensions  (D x W x H) (mm) 264 x 121 x 451 
 Weight (kg) 8.8
 Electrical connection (V) 100 – 230
 Performance at 15º c   (l/h  – l/min 90 / 1.51
 Min.Inlet pressure (bar) 2.0
 Ambient temperature (ºc) 5 – 40
 Water temperature (ºc) 5 – 30
 Salt retention >98%
 Yield approx 50%
 Max, raw water hardness (dH) 20 
 Iron (Fe) & Manganese (Mn)  (mg/l <0.05
 Silicate (SiO)  (ml/l) <15
 Total dissolved salt content  (mg/l) <500
 Blocking Index (SDI – Silt Density Index)  <3%
 Oxidising substances  (mg/l) <0.05
 Filter exchange  At least every two years 
BWT thero 90 and 90Pro Data Sheet
Thero 90 Pro User Manual