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Balanced Alkalized Water

Balanced Alkalized Water

Improved Balance & Wellbeing

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  • The higher pH value of the water helps to balance acidity and supports you in protecting agains acidification



    BWT’s advanced filtration technology changes your tap water into alkaline water

    The filtered water has a higher pH value and helps to balance acids and your pH

    This unique formulation can complement a nutrition-conscious lifestyle

  • Turns tap water into alkaline water with WT Balanced Alkalized Water CartridgesBWT Balanced Alkalized Water Cartridge helps support your body’s pH balance With Balanced Alkalized Water Cartridge No plastic bottles necessary
    Turns tap water into alkaline waterHelps support your body’s pH balanceNo plastic bottles necessary
  • Product Details

    Poor eating habits and inadequate hydration can lead to your body having an unbalanced pH value. Drinking BWT’s alkalized filtered water on a daily basis can help redress the balance and restore your body’s ideal acid base balance. Thanks largely to its elevated pH value of> 8.5.