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Magnesium Mineralized Water + Zinc

Magnesium Mineralized Water + Zinc

Your Vitality Boost

£25.99 or subscribe and save 10%

  • Enriches your tap water with the valuable mineral Magnesium and the trace element zinc



    Change your ordinary tap water into extra ordinary filtered drinking water with this advanced drinking water cartridge. 

    Simply insert into your BWT filter jug and recharge your tap water with the precious mineral magnesium and the trace element zinc.

    Magnesium and zinc helps support your immune system as well as skin and hair.

    The mineral enhanced filtered water helps bring out the true taste of tea and coffee.

    The unique filtration system delivers water optimized for more active lifestyles.

  • Turns tap water into enriched water with WT Magnesium Mineralized Water + Zinc CartridgesBWT Balanced Alkalized Water Cartridge helps support your body’s pH balance With Magnesium Mineralized Water + Zinc Cartridge Cartridge No plastic bottles necessary
    A perfect drinking water for those with an active lifestyle & looking to supplement a balanced dietBetter taste – less chlorine and heavy metals, enhanced with magnesium and zinc              When water tastes this good – say no to bottled mineral water                                                
  • Product Details

    Conventional filters are good and are useful for removing unwanted elements from your drinking water. Choosing a BWT filter takes the basic principal of filtration and then simply makes it better with clever thinking and patented technology.

    The BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water + Zinc filter cartridge is a perfect example. It not only removes those unwanted elements that can lead to bad tastes and odours but gives your tap water a boost with the near perfect combination of the mineral magnesium and the trace element zinc. Magnesium is not just a good taste carrier, it also helps keep your body and mind healthy. The addition of zinc to your tap water adds freshness to the taste, has a positive effect on your skin and hair, and even supports your immune system.