Magnesium Mineralized Water

• Enrich your tap water with Magnesium.

• Improves the taste of hot and cold drinks.

• Magnesium helps support your immune system.

• 120l per cartridge filtered water capacity.




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If you drink shop bought bottled mineral water at home because it seems to taste better or contains valuable minerals, then the BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water Filter could change the way you think about drinking water.

This unique and patented filter fits directly into your filter jug and enriches your tap water with the precious mineral magnesium. Thanks to our patented technology, the filter cartridge is able to protect your kettle and coffee machine from the effects of limescale whilst ensuring the hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) stay in the water. This is revolutionary! The result is water that tastes refreshing on its own and that makes fabulous, tea and coffee. A taste difference achieved by adding magnesium and reducing the amount of chlorine, lime and heavy metals where present in your own tap water.

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  Filter Capacity   120l @15-18ºd
  Carbonate Hardness
  Cartridge Life (In Use)   4 Weeks 
  Throughput  Time   5 Minutes 
  pH   6.3 – 7

  Basic Functions

  Particle  Filtration   200μ
  Chlorine Reduction   Yes 
  Lead Reduction   Yes 
  Copper Reduction   Yes 
  Reduction of Organic 

 Additional Freatures

  Limescale Protection   Yes 
  Magnesium Delivery   25 -30mg/l
  Zinc Output   _
3 Pack cartridges | Magnesium Mineralized Water
BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water | 3 Pack cartridges