Magnesium Mineralizer Inline Water Filter Kit

VITAL FRESH DELICIOUS Unforgettable refreshing water for your drinking enjoyment! Main benefits:

  • Filter reduces sediment, unpleasant tastes & odours plus adds magnesium
  • Space saving inline design
  • No need for a separate housing
  • Fitting kit supplied for simple installation
  • Can be installed in less than one hour
  • Quarter turn dedicated drinking water tap
  • Innovative, easy to change filter cartridges
  • Long life cartridge 3 – 6 months (dependent on use and water quality)
  • Convenient and environmentally friendly – say no to single use plastic bottles


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The Slim Inline Water Filter Kit with Magnesium Filter Cartridge from BWT is innovatively designed to save space. Its compact size makes it ideal for where space is limited, and the benefit of not needing a separate housing or filter head is really useful.

The Kit includes our BWT Inline Water Filter Cartridge with Magnesium, which gives all the benefits of our better tasting filtered drinking water with the added benefit of added Magnesium. Convert your ordinary tap water into unique and pleasant tasting drinking water, directly from your tap.

Easy to install. Its simple lightweight design, with no need for a separate housing, allows it to be installed neatly in a kitchen cupboard without reducing much needed storage space. The simple ‘C’ clamp holds the filter body close to the wall, away from everyday knocks and bumps.

Simple to live with. The push fit connectors allow for quick filter changes without the need for specialist tools. You can switch the water off at the convenient self-piercing valve, release any residual pressure at the stylish quarter turn tap and release the filter with your fingers.

Fitting Included Drinking Filter Water Kit With Magnesium
Tap water vs single-use plastic bottles
Drinking Filter Water Kit With Magnesium easy to install

Drinking water tap. Supplied as part of the kit the quarter turn tap has been designed to sit alongside your existing taps and to provide a dedicated dispensing point for all your drinking water needs. It’s small size means it can also be installed in a bathroom or utility area. The chromed finish tap requires just a 13mm hole and is held in place with the fittings supplied.

Fitting kit included. All the necessary fitting including a self-piercing valve, connecting pipes, smart quarter turn tap and easy to use push-fit couplings.

Cost effective. The BWT inline drinking water kit can even pay for itself. With added magnesium and no bad tastes or odours the filtered water is a good alternative to shop bought water in single use plastic bottles. Switch and that money you usually spend at the shop on bottled water will soon mount up until you have covered the cost of your inline water filter kit and are potentially saving money every time you fill a glass or sports bottle.

Designed for convenience. It provides a perfect alternative to a standard off the shelf filter jug. Long life cartridges reduce filter changes to between 2 and 4 times a year which can be changed in just a few minutes.

The perfect cartridge. Designed to answer the basic needs of most households. This specially designed filter removes nuisances like bad tastes and odour, as well as foreign bodies like bits of grit or rust, before adding magnesium to the filtered water. This results in water that tastes great on its own and in hot and cold drinks.

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 Magnesium Mineralizer
Inline Water Filter Kit
 Nominal Flow Rate  4 litres per minute
 Filter Capacity 1500 litres
 Pressure drop 1 bar
 Max Water Temperature 45ºC
 Dimensions   D x H 55 x 260mm
 Media  Granular Activated Carbon & Resin
 Cartridge Life  3 -6 months 
MMDWFCART_ Datasheet