Soft Filtered Water EXTRA

  • Turns tap water into soft filtered water, even in areas where the water is extra hard
  • Reduces bad taste and odours
  • The perfect ingredient for making tea and coffee and cordials
  • Extra limescale protection for your small home appliances
  • Reduces chlorine, heavy metals and organic impurities
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Product Details

The BWT Soft Filtered Water EXTRA cartridge is specially designed for the treatment of water with a high degree of hardness. Developed to reliably reduce the water hardness from your tap and to protect household appliances such as kettles and coffee machines against limescale deposits, the specially developed filter also reduces heavy metals (such as lead, copper) as well as odour and taste-disturbing substances such as chlorine.

Easily fitted to your BWT filter jug, this specialist filter is ideal for those people looking for the taste of filtered water with a high level of scale protection. The BWT Soft Filtered Water EXTRA cartridge not only purifies water but also champions environmental sustainability. Engineered with minimal plastic usage and recyclable materials, it offers eco-conscious consumers a solution that safeguards water quality while reducing plastic waste. Choosing this cartridge reflects a commitment to both water purity and environmental responsibility.

Soft Filtered Water EXTRA Cartridge | Extra Limescale Protection
Extra Limescale Protection
BWT Soft Filtered Water EXTRA Cartridge
Soft Filtered Water EXTRA Cartridge | 30 % more Limescale Protection
Extra 30 % more Limescale Protection
|BWT Soft Filtered Water EXTRA Cartridge
Soft Filtered Water EXTRA Cartridge | No Plastic Bottles
No Plastic Bottles
Soft Filtered Water EXTRA Cartridge

Additional information


3 pack, 6 pack


  Filter Capacity   120l @15-18ºd
  Carbonate Hardness
  Cartridge Life (In Use)   4 Weeks 
  Throughput  Time   5 Minutes 
  pH   5.5 – 7

  Basic Functions

  Particle  Filtration   200μ
  Chlorine Reduction   Yes 
  Lead Reduction   Yes 
  Copper Reduction   Yes 
  Reduction of Organic 

 Additional Freatures

  Limescale Protection   Yes 30% better Limescale   Reduction 
  Magnesium Delivery   _
  Zinc Output   _

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