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Soft Filtered Water

Soft Filtered Water

Ideal Limescale Protection

£23.99 or £21.59 every 6 months


  • The ideal Limescale Protection for your household appliances

    Turns tap water into soft filtered water, perfect to enjoy at any time. 

    Reduces bad taste and odours leaving a filtered water that’s perfect for hot and cold drinks

    Reduces chlorine, organic impurities and heavy metals

  • Perfect for drink with BWT Soft Filtered Water CartridgesLimescale Protection with BWT Soft Filtered Water CartridgesWith Soft Filtered Water Cartridge No plastic bottles necessary
    Softened filtered water – Perfect for drinking                     Appliance protection – Noticeable reduction in limescale          Fewer plastic bottles – Kinder to the environment                  
  • Product Details

    Designed to turn ordinary tap water into desirable drinking water, the specially formulated filtration system reduces the very odours and tastes that makes many of us turn to bottled water. Enjoy the taste of BWT soft filtered water straight from your filter jug and say good-bye to carrying home those heavy bottles of water from the supermarket.

    On the one hand, the BWT Soft Filtered Water cartridge softens tap water and helps gives it a better taste. On the other, it can reduce our reliance on bottled water and the resulting burden on our environment.

    The taste filter is designed to cope in hard water areas.

    Reducing those undesirable elements that can make your water look, taste and smell uninviting, the BWT Filter Soft cartridge also helps to protect your domestic appliances like kettles, and portable coffee makers from limescale. Therefore, your filtered tap water not only tastes good but also helps to protect those portable appliances that can so easily fall foul to the effects of limescale.