Water Dispenser AQA Drink 15 Range

Attractive, modern and versatile water coolers ideal for homes and small offices. The BWT plumbed-in or bottled water coolers are compact and use less space than a conventional water cooler and transform your water to BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water to deliver great tasting filtered water at home or your office.

• Bottled or plumbed in models available 

• Hot, Cold and Room Temperature

• Compact design

• Easy to operate buttons 

• Safety hot tap

  • Give your home/office and taste buds a breath of fresh air with BWT’s modern, attractive, and versatile water coolers. BWT water coolers use less space, can be operated at the touch of button and are practical way to enjoy Magnesium Mineralized Water. Water that can be enjoyed from a cup/glass but is also perfect for topping up your sports bottle for when you are on the move. BWT offers a smart alternative to single-bottled water – Say no to single use plastic bottles!
  • Easy to Use: Touch button programming, push button temperature selection Including power saving modes with three water options (hot, cold and ambient). The BWT AQA Drink 15 includes a LED easy to read display and a illuminated dispensing area.
  • Practical: Water that can be enjoyed straight from the glass, mixed with your favourite cordials or combined to make hot drinks bursting with flavour.
  • Choose your model: These attractive and durable AQA Drink 15 water dispensers can be supplied as either bottle fed or plumbed in units.

The BWT Water Cooler plumped-in AQA Drink 15 like our Water Filter Jugs uses advanced and patented innovative filtration technology which exchanges calcium ions for magnesium ions. This reduces the pH level more than other water filters creating delicious magnesium enriched water with a better taste, as well as improving the flavour of the meals and drinks prepared with it. Benefits:

  • A smart way to support your daily magnesium requirement.
  • Improves the taste and aroma of your drinks and meals.
  • Reduces unwanted elements such as calcium from your water that causes limescale deposits in your kitchen appliances.
  • Sustainable and a great alternative to single-use plastic bottles.
  • Saves you time and money in the long run over buying bottled water from your local store.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Bottle, Plumbed In

 Technical Data HCA HCA
 Operating Conditions  AQA15HCA AQA15BHCA
 Water delivery at room temperature L/h > 100 > 100
 Water delivery cooled, still* L/h 15 15
 Water delivery hot L/h 6 6
  Water temperature cold** °C 3 3
 Water temperature hot °C 93 93
 Flow speed L/min 3 3
 Max. cooling potential W 100 100
 Max. heating potential W 650 650
 Inlet water pressure bar PLV
 CO2 pressure bar
 Cooling technology/coolant Ice Bank (R134a) Ice Bank (R134a)
 Leakage protection Yes  Yes 
 Auto sterilization Ozonation Ozonation
 Mains voltage/frequency V/Hz 220 – 240 /50 socket 220 – 240 /50 socket
 Total power consumption W 750 750
 Drinking water connection Inches  1/4” plug-in connection 11/19 L Bottle
 CO2 connection Inches 
 Waste water connection Drip Tray Drip Tray
 Equipment dimensions (W x H x D) cm 32 X 109.8 X 38.2 32 X 109.8 X 38.2
 Cabinet dimensions (W x H x D) cm
 Tapping height cm 27 27
 Net weight, equipment kg 19 19
 Gross weight, equipment kg 20 38
 * at Δt 5°C
 ** at 20°C inlet temperature
AQA drink 15 Water Dispenser Data Sheet