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About BWT

Best water technology

With the mission

Change the World – sip by sip,” our Bottle Free Zone philosophy, and our innovative filter technologies, we are getting closer to this goal every day – sip by sip.

About BWT

Our business today

5 Production sites


Thousands of partners

in over 80 countries

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Private customers, industry, trade, hotels
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4,700 employees

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Our vision

BWT – the leading international water technology group.

Growth in all areas

BWT innovation in the UK

Feel and see the difference in every facet of your life at home, at work and when you play.

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BWT About us


Our name is our mission – to deliver the very best in water technology to our partners around the world and to ensure hygiene and safety in their daily contact with water.

We want to ensure that our Planet Blue remains livable for future generations. It is in our own hands: 1.2 million plastic bottles are produced worldwide per minute and this must be reduced to a minimum. We must take responsibility for this!

Sustainability, social responsibility, and the conscious use of limited resources are fundamental parts of our DNA. We focus our efforts on developing innovative products and services. Innovation that is led by technology and the need to deliver sustainable water treatment solutions. We strive to develop products and services that ensure the wellbeing of our customers and at the same time preserve and protect the resources of our blue planet.

With the mission “Change the World – sip by sip,” our Bottle Free Zone philosophy, and our innovative filter technologies, we are getting closer to this goal every day – sip by sip.


This allows us to focus on how important water is for the ‘blue planet’ and the role that BWT plays. We use this insight to allow us to develop products and systems to process the limited water reserves of our ‘blue planet,’ to make them accessible and usable – whilst striving to maintain that all important balance with nature.

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Our Business Today

From our beginning as a small company in Pforzhiem to Europe’s No. 1 in water technology and our arrival in the UK in 2010, our future has been shaped by a culture of entrepreneurialism, research and taking pleasure in innovation and of course success.



Our Vision - BWT

Our vision

BWT – the leading international water technology group.

BWT’s vision is born from some of the toughest challenges facing the world today, a growing population and the scarcity of good quality water. A resource often referred to as the elixir of life.

We want to become not just Europe’s No1 in Water Technology but also the leading international technology group. To achieve our vision we need to grow in every way.

Growth in all BWT areas

Growth in all areas

The desire to grow is intrinsic in our company. Innovation drives our daily lives as we look to do things better than yesterday. We encourage our colleagues to think outside of the box and to think laterally when problem solving to develop those products and services that will provide growth. We understand and value cultural diversification and the opportunities that new markets offer and currently there are 80 BWT subsidiaries and affiliates, worldwide.  Five Production plants and five Research and Development facilities around the world ensure we are at the cutting edge of design, development and manufacturing.

For us, development is not just about the long term. We constantly look to improve the here and now and encourage all of our staff to identify and suggest ways in which we can improve. Optimising and improving our processes and procedures today ensures we are set to grow tomorrow by refining our existing technologies and making them better.

With growth comes responsibility and we warmly welcome the ecological, economic and social responsibility it brings.

BWT Innovation in the UK

Feel and see the difference in every facet of your life at home, at work and when you play.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life wherever water is involved, whether that is the water you drink, bathe in or use at work. We do not simply deliver the ordinary we seek to deliver tangible value through real innovations. For example, our Luxury Water range helps our customers enjoy spa quality bathing and showering, whilst protecting their homes from limescale and saving on the cost of shampoos, conditioners and harsh cleaning chemicals. Which is good for the family budget and the environment.

Discover Luxury Water

Magnesium Mineralized Water delivers the promise of great tasting water wherever your paths cross. At home our customers can enjoy Magnesium enriched filtered water from one of our convenient and stylish jugs.

DIscover Magnesium Mineralized Water

Whilst at work, BWT’s Water Dispensers provide the hydration source for employees of small family businesses to large multi-national corporations. The BWT team will help you select the right cooler for your business quite often saving you not just time but money as well. The added benefit of Magnesium is a big plus and an easy way to help supplement a balanced and healthy diet.


Magnesium is a great flavour carrier and our BWT Water&More team count many of the popular coffee shops on the High Street amongst their list of valued customers. Understanding water is our business and our aim is always to fit the right solution for any given application regardless of the customer size. Our systems are patented, unique and available from our network of HORECA professionals.


As leaders in the prevention and the control of limescale in Commercial applications, BWT are able to offer a wide range of solutions. Many are unique and unrivalled to BWT like the AQA Total range with revolutionary 3-phase technology, offering limescale and corrosion protection for drinking water installations whilst retaining all of the original mineral content.


For the times when you have been unwell, you may have potentially be an unlikely beneficiary of some of BWT’s most sophisticated water treatment products. BWT are proud to support a wide and diverse range of hospitals, care homes and Pharmaceutical companies. Either through providing ultra-pure water for the production of vital healthcare products or water that keeps the building working.



BWT – For You and Planet Blue.