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Drinking Water at Home with BWT 360

The perfect way to enjoy Magnesium Mineralized Water at home sustainably.


BWT 360 water at home dispenser plus bottlesWhen you purchase a starter pack you will receive a Slim-line floor standing water dispenser and three bottles of water at home.

The dispenser is yours to keep and water yours to drink, the bottles will remain our property so they can be reused and eventually recycled. Once we receive your order we will call you to arrange delivery and to add your name and contact details to our pre-calling list. This gives one of our friendly staff members permission to call or message you approximately once a month to see if you need more water. If you do, they will add your order to the next delivery in your area.

There is no contract or requirement for you purchase water when we call. You simply say yes when you are ready. On your first follow-up water order we will deliver three 11 litre bottles of water and take away your first two empties. We would normally expect the third to still be on your cooler. On subsequent visits we will deliver three fresh bottles and take three empty bottles away.

In the future you may decide a water dispenser isn’t for you, or you may decide to upgrade to one of our under-the-sink Magnesium Mineralized drinking water systems. In this case we will simply take your last four bottles away, leaving you with nothing more to pay.

We recommend that you sanitise your new water dispenser at least every tree months. You can add a Sanitisation Pack to your regular water order at any time for just £12, please talk to us when we call.


Drinking Water at Home – BWT 360


High Quality Water Delivered to your Home

BWT 360 Enables you and your family to enjoy high quality, Mineralized Water for a fraction of the price you might be paying for small plastic bottles from the corner shop, train station or supermarket.
Unlike some other schemes, BWT 360 delivers fabulous Magnesium Mineralized water directly to your door in the most planet-friendly way it can. BWT 360 uses recyclable bottles made from food-grade plastic which, like a glass milk bottle, can be washed, sterilised and used again and again. Typically, each bottle can be re-used 36 times before it is 100% recycled and turned into plastic pellets; then it starts its life all over again as another recyclable product.


BWT 360 can make a positive impact on your home recycling and environmental foot print. Firstly it allows you to say NO to single use plastic bottles and take the first steps to making your home a single use, plastic bottle free zone, as all BWT 360 bottles are reused. Our optimised journey planning ensures we collect your empties whenever we deliver your full ones and of course only when we are in your neighbourhood reducing unnecessary food miles and emissions. Whilst our friendly pre-calling service means you never have more water than you need and when we call you can even ask for us to include up to 4 sports bottles free of charge* so you take your own magnesium mineralized water wherever you go. To optimise our delivers and to save waste we simply ask you to order 3 x11L Bottles of Magnesium Mineralized Water at any one time for just £21.

Your freedom to choose

The BWT 360 Scheme has been developed and designed to provide the complete service without restrictive contracts, fixed deliveries or monthly commitments. Buying your cooler and three lots of water is your only one off purchase (you own the cooler and the water) and from then on the scheme allows you enjoy the benefits of a perfect circle. It allows you to buy water and because the bottles remain our property and responsibility you never have to worry about their disposal we will simply collect your empties the next time we call. For your piece of mind, your new water dispenser comes with 1 year warranty (please note does not include accidental damage).

Magnesium Mineralized Water can do more

BWT’s patented Magnesium Technology means you get filtered water that not only tastes delicious but is good for your well-being too!

Magnesium is a flavour carrier, when combined with filtered water it gives you a unique tasting experience. Perfect on its own and perfect for enhancing the taste of your hot drinks, Magnesium is our special secret. We’re not the only ones who agree! Magnesium Mineralized Water has also been recognised as the best tasting drinking water in blind tests.

Magnesium Mineralized Water is the perfect way to kick off your day.  The mineral Magnesium is known to be great for your well-being as it helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, it can contribute towards normal muscle function, reducing the risk of cramps. In fact, Magnesium can help give your body and mind an energy boost in many ways including: electrolyte balance, energy-yielding metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system, normal protein synthesis, normal psychological function, the maintenance of normal bones and teeth and it has a role in the process of cell division. (1) (2)

How does the BWT 360 scheme work in practice?

  • Step 1. Order on line at bwtshop.co.uk 3 x 11 litre bottles and 1 x slim cooler.
  • Step 2. We will call you to arrange delivery and explain how our water replenishment plan works.
  • Step 3. We will then deliver your 3 x 11 litre bottles and 1 x slim cooler to your home.
  • Step 4. Then we will contact you usually once a month to see if you need more water.
  • Step 5. If you do on our first visit we will deliver 3 x full and take away 2 because you may still have one bottle on your cooler.
  • Step 6. On subsequent visits we will deliver 3 x full and take away 3 x empties. Bottles are then cleaned sterilized and refilled so no plastic is wasted.

(1) Great Britain nutrition and health claims (NHC) register

(2) Disclaimer: This post provides general information and discussions about health related subjects. The contents of this website are not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something that you have read on this website. If you have a medical concern, please seek immediate advice from your health care provider.

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