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AQA Pure 2.0

AQA Pure 2.0

Choose Your Individual Filter Cartridge

Get great-tasting drinking water with the AQA Pure 2.0! Choose your individual filter cartridge suitable for your lifestyle and your home. Comes with a kitchen tap and monitor insuring to keep your water tastes fresh. BWT offers a smart alternative to single-bottled water – Say no to single use plastic bottles!


Aqa Drink Replacement Filter Cartridges

AQA drink Magnesium Mineralized Water filter cartridges are perfect for creating high quality drinking water at home. They incorporate innovative and unique BWT technology that converts ordinary tap water into extraordinary drinking water filtered and enhanced with the addition of Magnesium. The result is a water perfect for drinking straight from the tap and for making both hot and cold drinks.
BWT’s AQA drink filter cartridge range consists of 3 types of filter that offer varying levels of filtration, from the simple removal of the substances that can cause bad taste and odours through to the removal of bacteria and micro plastics, where they exist. Each filter cartridge has clearly defined capabilities, so you can choose the right cartridge depending on your individual needs. These include:

  • AQA Drink Magnesium Mineralized Water:
    + Magnesium – Heavy Metals – Chlorine
  • AQA Drink Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect:
    + Magnesium – Heavy Metals – Chlorine – Limescale
  • AQA drink Zinc + Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect:
    + Zinc + Magnesium – Heavy Metals – Chlorine – Limescale
  • AQA Drink Magnesium Mineralized Water Protect Care
    + Magnesium – Heavy Metals – Chlorine – Limescale – Bacteria and Microplastics
Choose the filter of your choice for your AQA Pure 2.0 drinking water
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    • The tap can be combined with every filter of the BWT AQA DRINK Filter program
    • Filtered water directly from the kitchen tap
    • Better taste & aroma
    • Effective limescale protection for household appliances
    • No more drinking water in plastic bottles
    • Good for the environment, good for your purse
    • Operates without electricity
  • BWT Magnesium Mineralize Technology Water Filtration

    Magnesium Mineralized Water

     like our Water Filter Jugs uses advanced and patented innovative filtration technology which exchanges calcium ions for magnesium ions. This reduces the pH level more than other water filters creating delicious magnesium enriched water with a better taste, as well as improving the flavour of the meals and drinks prepared with it.


    • A smart way to support your daily magnesium requirement
    • Improves the taste and aroma of your drinks and meals
    • Reduces unwanted elements such as calcium from your water that causes limescale deposits in your kitchen appliances
    • Sustainable and a great alternative to single-use plastic bottles
    • Saves you time and money in the long run over buying bottled water from your local store